My Movie Alphabet! An A-Z Of My Favorite – And Most Offbeat Films!

My good blogging friend, John, compiled his own favourite A-Z top picks. Enjoy his unusual taste, and his own ‘insider’ thoughts on the film industry.


My Movie Alphabet!

Yes, the poster art says “Vol. 2” – because I missed the first “go-round” on this fun exercise in cinema! A movie for every letter of the alphabet – who can refuse?

For many of us, this is our great escape – a movie auditorium where magic happens – I have seen so many incredible films in my life…oh, outside too!

I love this idea – thanks to “MettelRaySe7en” for doing this, here is the link to see how you can participate:

Let’s get started with a film that, while fictional, captured one of the most exciting and influential pop culture changes in our nation’s history!

A – A Hard Day’s Night

Hard to imagine how culturally significant “Beatlemania” was in today’s social media world, but this film captures the pop culture impact of The Fab Four through a hilariously droll, fictional film the band starred…

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Comments ‘glitch’ returns!

Just when I thought WordPress had it sorted, the famous comments glitch had come back to haunt me. My comments do not seem to be appearing on some blogs. (Jennie, John Rieber, Toritto,  and a few more.)

I am still able to comment on my own posts, so thankful for small mercies there. Maybe I have been ‘blocked’ just to outsiders, I haven’t a clue.

Please check your spam folders to see if they are there.
If not, be assured that I have commented/replied, and will continue to try to do so, until I am released from the ‘Comments Prison’.

Best wishes to all. Pete.

A-Z Film Challenge: My conclusion

It is all over now. Almost a month of posts on one main subject, and two additional posts by way of an epilogue. I set this challenge to myself, and it was the only one I have ever taken on, in five years of blogging. I chose Films and Cinema because that subject has been the love of my (long) life so far. The only alternatives were History and Photography, but I had a feeling that films would attract more interest, and I was right.

So, my considered thoughts. It’s hard work, harder than I expected. For every word typed on the posts, many more were discarded. For every film mentioned or featured, ten more had to be left out. For a lover of films, it was sheer torture. The research was hard too. Even though I have seen so many films, and had most posts already worked out, I still had to remind myself of dates, casts, and other small details. Twenty-six days of being accurate, making difficult decisions, and presenting posts worth reading was a challenge indeed. (Even though I got a ‘day off’ with ‘X’!)

What about the positives? Well, they were many. New followers, engagement on posts, a huge number of comments, and a real sense of camaraderie too. All my previous followers, and those new ones, pitched in with some great ideas and suggestions, numerous re-blogs, re-tweets on Twitter, and their own thoughts and conclusions. Despite the work, I can honestly say that I have never had a happier or more positive blogging experience. Daily views and visits were, by my standards, quite phenomenal. Even when some letters attracted less interest, others kept up the encouraging averages. In case anyone was wondering, the most popular letter as far as views were concerned was ‘S’, with the troublesome ‘X’ being the least viewed.

Tips from me? If you are thinking of doing anything like this, then here are some guidelines.

1) Make written notes as you go along. Otherwise, you might well forget your choices, and those original thoughts.
2) Write some posts in advance, as many as you can. You can always edit them later, and it takes the pressure off of having to make sure you come up with one each day.
3) Answer comments, even if you don’t agree with them. Doing something like this is all about involvement in a community. If you cannot be bothered to reply, then why should anyone comment in the first place?
4) Set time aside. It takes a lot of thought, and a fair bit of time and effort too. Make sure you have that time available to give it your best shot. If you are not sure, then don’t start it.

But it was never about stats, rewarding though they may be. It was about fun, interest, engagement, and good friendship. That’s what blogging is about for me, and I could not be more delighted.
It will be strange to go back to ‘normal’ blogging, that’s for sure.

Would I do it again? The jury is out on that one.

A great gift

You may recall that I have written about Gosia’s soaps before on this blog, and also re-posted from Eddy Winko’s great blog about how his wife produces and sells the soaps from their home in Poland. They are branching out, with the addition of a range of covered soaps, the decorative cloth being able to be used as a washcloth, the soap concealed inside.

You can imagine my delight when I recently received this perfect gift. Ollie, embroidered on the cover of a bar of soap. I was amazed to hear that the lady responsible had not even seen a photo of my dog, before working her magic on this piece.

You can be sure that this bar of soap will never be used, and will always be treasured.

More about the excellent soaps can be found here.

A-Z Film Challenge: Day 27 (Numbers)

No letters left, and nothing from me to add today. You may have noticed that I avoided films with numbers in the titles? (For example, ‘127 Hours’ (2010) )

That was because I now have a challenge for you!

I would like you to let me know what your favourite ‘numbers’ film is. Please reply in the comments below, and no cheating! 🙂

Thanks once again to everyone who played along, and contributed so much to this enjoyable series. It was made possible by your engagement, and the comments you made. I will be posting a conclusion tomorrow, to let everybody know my thoughts about taking on such a long and arduous challenge, and what it meant to me as a blogger.

My sincere best wishes to you all. Pete.

Our little heatwave

May is not usually the time for such temperatures in Beetley. The last three days have seen them climb from 24 C on Wednesday, to 27 C yesterday, and a predicted 30 C today. After a spell of unusually cold weather, with the heating on in the house only ten days ago, the contrast is quite remarkable.

So naturally, we are complaining!

Too hot to sleep. Fans on in the house and bedroom. The ‘wrong’ weight of duvet on the bed. Every small chore seems to be doubly difficult in the unfamiliar heat, and Ollie has become subdued and sluggish, as the warm weather makes it hard for him to cool down. Spending much of yesterday in the garden, followed by other household chores inside, left me much more drained and tired than usual.

Tonight, we have welcome visitors from London, one of my oldest friends. Naturally we want the place to be spick and span, so I got up early to crack on with more cleaning and tidying. But by 8:30, it was already uncomfortably hot, with no trace of a breeze through the open windows. I retreated to the computer, to check my emails, and to write this.

After years of constant complaining about bad weather, it really upsets me to be doing something similar about welcome warmth and sunshine. Trouble is, we seem to get everything or nothing, with little in-between. It feels like a life of extremes, either chilly and wet, or far too hot. The garden dried up in less than a day, and now everything needs to be watered. The hose has been retrieved from the shed, and I will wait for the sun to begin to set, before giving the shrubs a much needed drink.

I haven’t bothered to check the long-range forecast, to see if this small heatwave will continue into next week. But I have a feeling that it will not.

This is England, after all.