Left leg not required.

Finally back to an automatic gearbox after 6 years in a dreaded manual car. Changed the old Astra for a Zafira in June. More room in the back for the dog, diesel for long life and (hopefully) better economy but most important of all, a 6-speed automatic gearbox. No more hill starts, no more constant gear changes, or struggling to find reverse. Push and go, let the car do the work. Why would anyone ever want a manual gearbox anyway? With all the hype about greener cars, hybrid systems, and super economy engine systems, it strikes me that they should just do away with manual gearboxes altogether. They could then concentrate on improving the current automatic systems, to equal the economy of manual gearbox cars. Not that they are all more economical. If a Mr or Mrs Sensible drives a 1-litre car at a maximum 55 miles per hour in 5th gear all day, that may well be economical. The reality is that most cars are driven to the max in each gear by younger drivers, or company car users. I just enjoy the relaxation afforded by the automatic but now I have to find something to do with that left leg!


3 thoughts on “Left leg not required.

  1. i have finally got insured on the hubbys car after almost 2 years of public transport…i have been dying to drive a manual again…(even if it is an old nissan bluebird) only to find he forgot to mention that you have to hold the stick in 5th otherwise it slips out again! not ideal for driving home for christmas :/ oh well beggars cant be choosers eh ha ha


  2. Beetley Petey. Just ordered my Chevrolet Silverado 5.3 liter 4×4 UTE…in silver. I’ve outrigged it with solid metal police-style bumpers front and rear, welded directly into the 3 tonne chassis and changed the liights to quadruplet LED clusters. But you’d love it….cos it’s automatic!


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