The driest county in England

When I moved to Norfolk, I was assured that it was the driest county in the country, with the lowest average rainfall, and a mild climate, due to its extreme Easterly position. Well, not today. I took Ollie for a walk at around 2.30pm. It had just stopped raining, after a morning of downpours. The sun was out, so time to head for the meadow.

One hour later, and the heavens opened. The rain was coming down so fast and hard, that slugs were bouncing, as if on trampolines. The vegetation was knocked flat, and even the dog looked fed up. I decided to make the break for home, a walk of under ten minutes. I might just as well have jumped in the river. I got so wet. All clothing had to be removed on arrival home, and I have been feeling cold and damp ever since. Guess what the forecast for tomorrow is? You’ve got it.

Driest county indeed. I don’t think so, not from where I’m looking.


4 thoughts on “The driest county in England

  1. I was put in mind of your weather posts while witnessing the catastrophic flooding across the country over the last weeks. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is worried that this unusually mild and extremely wet winter could be the shape of things to come.
    Best wishes for 2016 Pete. Here’s to dry days and clearer skies over Beetley and the rest of England.


    1. Thanks for adding the first ‘like’ and comment on this post, Paul. It is the most-read one on my blog, but nobody ever comments!
      After the awful flooding in Yorkshire and Cumbria, I feel a little guilty complaining about the rain in Beetley. That said, I have just come back from a dog-walk in pouring rain…
      Have a Happy New Year, and lets hope for a dry summer.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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