Some more films I don’t like

I got clean away with the first post on this. Not a comment, no tirade of abuse, no petitioning from fans of LOTR, Harry Potter, and all the other stuff I castigated. I was pleasantly relieved, although I suspect it is just because nobody can be bothered to read it. As a result of this unexpected escape, I decided to have another go, and slam into some more established films, that I think are overrated, pointless, or unnecessary. I have not added clips, as there are too many to choose from!

James Bond Films. In 1962, there may have been understandable justification to make a film like Dr.No. There had been nothing really similar before, and the tongue-in-cheek spy thriller, filmed in exotic locations, was a refreshing change for many. The books had sold well, and though Sean Connery was an unlikely and unconvincing Bond, there was a ready market for cinema goers seeking glossy escapist fluff. As it dragged on and on, with the various incarnations of Bond, it became little more than a tiresome institution, with spin-off products of cars and figures, and a two-fingered approach to any intelligence in the audience. The scripts are ridiculous, the plots farcical, and they are only saved by new locations, and fast-moving set pieces. Now Daniel Craig is in the saddle, serious film critics and reviewers are beginning to talk about these films as if they had some purpose and meaning. I just don’t get it, and never will. They are rubbish, for all to see.

Bourne sequels. When I saw the first of the Bourne trilogy, in 2002, I surprised myself, by actually liking it. I thought it had pace, a fair story, and some good performances, from a cast of likeable actors. This was probably how the Bond franchise should have progressed, less comedy and sexy sirens, more script and plot. Then they had to go and make two pointless sequels, and really spoil it for me. And then they had to make another one, that didn’t even have Matt Damon in it. They even tried to justify the new character, with some gobbledegook that would have just about been acceptable, if they had been talking about the new Doctor Who. I can’t even bring myself to watch it.

College kid slasher films. You don’t need me to list the type, but I will anyway. ‘I know what you did last summer’ (and at least two rubbish sequels.) ‘Wolf Creek’, ‘Urban Legend’, ‘Candyman’, an so on. I know, they don’t all have ‘slashers’, but you know my point well enough. A group of unpleasant college kids, in their late teens, go somewhere ridiculously dangerous, and get killed in various grisly ways. Or, they kill someone else, and they are stalked for revenge, by a ghost, or ‘unseen avenger’. They are all the same film, with a few name changes, and a complete waste of time. I will list some much better examples of unsettling films in another post later. These are just nonsense.

Sports films. I don’t mean all sports films, as there are a few good ones, (Field of Dreams anyone?) just the ones where someone triumphs over adversity and prejudice, and wins in the end. You might just as well fast forward to the last five minutes, and confirm your worst suspicions. (Think ‘Chariots of Fire’, ‘Rocky’ and similar.) Then there are the other type of sports-related films, like ‘Days of Thunder’, and ‘Le Mans’, all macho posturing and endless car-racing. They are just dull, and often, the only ‘good’ bits, are the crashes added from actual race footage. Sports films are like sport on TV, just for the fans, and they should have their own place to watch them, like the channels on Sky, and cable. Could I suggest that they show them at racetracks and sports arenas perhaps? If you really want something different, but still about sport, then try the film of the 1936 Olympics, by Leni Riefenstahl, called ‘Olympia’, or her film of the Nuremberg Rally (not about sport) ‘Triumph Of The Will’. That will get you thinking.

TV series turned into films. When I was younger, I used to like the television series ‘Steptoe and Son’, ‘On the Buses’, ‘Are you being served?’ and ‘Bless This House’. They were classic British comedies, admittedly very dated now, but they supplied a few chuckles for thirty minutes, and had a lot of very politically incorrect content. On occasion, they had a serious episode, with a darker script, and you could see real talent in some cast members. Then someone decided to make them into feature films, lasting a full ninety minutes; what were they thinking? They just padded out a normal episode, by adding more slapstick, some unnecessary smut, and a change of location. All they succeeded in doing, was to kill the franchise stone dead. This continues to this day, with full versions of ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and no doubt many others, none of which I have the remotest interest in watching. What works on TV, should stay on TV.

That is some more stuff I don’t like. Hopefully, it will slip under the Bloggers’ radar, and I will get away with it again. Who knows, I might go for three. If it’s good enough for Bond…


4 thoughts on “Some more films I don’t like

  1. I always remember the advert for tea bags; the names Bond, Brook Bond, makes me laugh even now.
    I have to defend the last three bond films; I have enjoyed them; although I can see that the old format is probably going to return following the last one.
    LOTR, Have to say I enjoyed the immersion and I could still happily watch them again; maybe because I never read the books?
    Bourne was ok, but I actually liked the latest one; probably because I didn’t associate it with the other three. Instead I watched it as a new film, although leaving the film open ended ready for the sequel was a bit disjointing.
    I’m also a fan of quite a few animations, although I realise you pointed the finger more at Pixar than the entire genre. Take a look at Harvie Krumpet or Mary and Max, silly me, you already have 🙂
    Other than that your ‘don’t like list’ fits in well with my way of thinking, besides it will be a long time before I get chance watch anything from these lists with the homework you have set so far!


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