Ten Reasons why we love North Norfolk, England

I rarely re-blog, but on this occasion, I could not resist these marvellous photos, explaining why Dina loves to live in North Norfolk. This is not where I live, but is comfortably close by car.
I don’t post photos either, as others do that much better. Here is the proof. Check out Dina’s blog for more lovely pictures, and a feelgood experience. (It seems that the photos will not migrate, so please click ‘view original’ to see them). Pete.

The World according to Dina

1. The seascapes and the ever changing coastline
(for all photos; click to enlarge)

Cley next the Sea, Salthouse, Sheringham, Weybourne


2. The solitude on the vast beaches

Cley next the Sea,  Wells – Holkham Beach, Stiffkey Salt Marshesxx


3. Blakeney Point and the seals

Blakeney; The Outer Point, The Pit, Watchouse, National Trustx


4. The colours of Norfolk

Cley next the Sea, Salthouse, Blakeneyx


5. The Lovely Lavender

Rhu Sila (Klausbernd’s garden), Cley next the Seaxx


6. The Lokes in Cley next the Sea


7. The Norfolk Coast Path

Cley next the Sea, Church Lane, Irgendlink leaving Rhu Sila, Kb Vollmar in Blakeney


8. The Flint

Cley next the Sea,  The Deli – Picnic Fayre, Rhu Sila, Whalebone House, The Lokes


9. Birds and Birding

Cley next the Sea, The Eastbank,  Bryan Bland, The George, The Birdbible…

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7 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why we love North Norfolk, England

  1. Thanks for reblogging this Pete. great inspiration for me to take some interesting photos this week. Hope the weather stays fine 🙂 Though I doubt it will be as quiet as some of the photos show it!
    Jude xx


    1. Glad you liked it. Dina takes some great photos, and has just bought herself a very nice top of the range SLR! I think you will find some quiet spots, if you look carefully. Try Great Walsingham, for a little corner of peace and Old England. Regards from your holiday destination. Pete. x


  2. Dear Pete,

    thank you so much the very kind reblog! I’m all excited about this, you put a great, big smile on my face!:-) 🙂

    Happy smiling greetings from The Rhine Valley


        1. Trust me to presume that you were enjoying yourself! I have suitably admonished myself. Your re-blog has been viewed about 10 times so far, so you may get some more interest in due course. Regards as always, Pete.


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