Updated: Films and Cinema

This is a short post to let everyone know that my Films and Cinema category is being updated. At the time I started this blog, I was unsure how to transfer clips and links, or even if it was permitted to do so. Having now looked into this, I have begun to update all the posts in this category of my blog. Wherever possible, I have added at least a trailer for the film reviewed, to give some idea of what I was on about! In some cases, I have found complete scenes, or a montage of clips, all helping to give a better feel, of what are often little-known, or unusual films.

For a fair number of those films reviewed, I have even been able to find the complete film. This gives the reader the opportunity to see the whole film, free of charge, from the comfort of their own sofa, on a tablet, laptop, or streamed to an internet-connected TV. How good is that? Progress sometimes has its benefits. To the best of my knowledge, this is completely legal, and infringes no copyrights. The films are usually in the ‘Public Domain’, or have been put there by parties who want you to watch them. I do apologise in advance, for some of the advertisements that precede the clips. they are easily skipped, or very short.

I have managed to update all the relevant posts over this weekend. It has taken a long time to do this, with over forty posts, and around two hundred films to source, and update in editing.  This will hopefully improve your reading and viewing experience, and give you a sense of some of the more obscure choices and suggestions.

So, if you have previously looked at posts in this category, please visit them again, for an enhanced experience. If you are new to this blog, or have never bothered to read anything in this category, please give it a try. Regards, Pete.


3 thoughts on “Updated: Films and Cinema

  1. As a self-proclaimed “movie aficionado,” I’m anxious to begin looking into your film commentaries. My life has become suddenly quite busy, but I will find time to catch up with you (and your posts) as time permits. Yours truly (madly, deeply), David (dazed and confused in Las Vegas!).


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