A Seasonal Post

As the weekend is almost upon us, and the demands of the festive season begin to take hold, I would like to send a festive greeting to everyone that I come into contact with; on this blog, and occasionally, by e mail too. I have often posted about fickle followers, and lack of comments, but this time, it is all positive. The great community that I feel a part of, thanks to this blog, I thank you all. Not just for a great year in 2013, but for all your inspiration, some reblogs, and for giving me the desire to keep the blog going, and to keep writing. You stretch across this planet, from a few miles away from my house, to the deserts of the USA, the mountains of Canada, and the storm-ravaged Philippines. Australia and New Zealand feature also, as does New England, California, The American South, and the Pacific North-West. From Europe, I am able to welcome Poland, France, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, as well as Germany Italy, and Spain. And I do not forget those of you here, all over the UK, north and south, Scotland, and Ireland.

Thank you all, a Merry Christmas to you and yours, whatever your beliefs, and a happy 2014 to everyone.

Here is your ‘roll of honour’, with apologies to anyone missed out, and I do know there are a few.

Dina and KB, our German residents of Norfolk, Eddy and Gosia, in Poland, and sometimes, Jersey. The Witch of Endor, sorely missed, Amy from Bradford, Jude from Shropshire, and Mari, the Finnish Canadian. Niall, also in Canada, but Irish, and Jim Curnow, the antipodean film buff extraordinaire. Jaypot, still awaiting surgery, and Arlene, who has survived hers. NivalaDiva, still there from the early days, as is Lesley Carter. Phil from California, wearing summer clothes all year, and campaigning for a better understanding of Diabetes,  and David, enjoying life in the Mojave Desert, publishing his books. Sue, too busy to blog right now, Bill White, and Rickoulette, American film buffs. Gretchen, enduring cold and snow, as she works on her paintings in New England, and Jimmy, keeping up with his new found love of photography, in good old London. My old and dear friends, Brian and Roland, who I have known for almost 45 years now. Antony, ex-colleague, friend, and ace photographer. Rich Lakin in Staffordshire, great writer, and now getting published too. Gingerfightback in the UK, winning the war against ‘gingerism’, and Rob, ex-pat in New Zealand, whose occasional comments are always eagerly anticipated. Tracey, living the dream the hard way, in the inhospitable Hebridean Islands, cooking her delicious recipes, and combatting the elements daily. Catbird, from America, who popped in to say hello, as did Grumpytyke, from the dark north. Sophie, one of my first, and best blogging friends, not currently blogging, as she has lots to deal with. I look forward to seeing her back one day. Theenglishprofessoratlarge, still out there somewhere, and Jim Cassidy, former mentor, and valued friend. Pete and Jim Medway, father and son, and both old friends; in one case, for 51 years! Andreea, transplanted from Romania, to a new life in the USA, and not always an easy one. Cary’s Blog, who kindly reblogged some posts, as did Mike Sivier, of Vox Political, and Prole Center, campaigning for the working classes, over in America.

Stevie P, who went to the same school, at the same time, and I didn’t even know him. Ed Mooney, compiling a record of Ireland’s history in photographs, and Sethsnap, doing something similar, over in the USA. Steve, who used to work in the LAS in London, and hasn’t got back in touch, and Melv, who gave some medical advice that was welcomed, as did James Mee, on the same subject. Debs, my former colleague, who rarely comments, so it is all the better when she does. Veryenglishteaparty, your absence is missed; as is the similar disappearance of youngemt95, who is busy following his dream to become a paramedic in America. Olivia Stocum, author of historical fiction and romance, and Kira, also from the US, who gave valuable advice about skin allergies. Canalcook, for the one appreciated comment, and HJS777, doing her best at university. Rebecca2000, from the first days, an original lady, still going strong in America; Jumbledwriter, and Bottledworder too. Ian Letts, musical compiler of excellence, and DJ of note, and The Fine Duchess, also musically inclined. Damyanti, who has been around this blog since it started, and purplesunscreen, who seems to have vanished. My dear cousins, Kim, Sue, Keith, and Paul, all of whom have supported the blog in many ways. The Girl and Anita and Andy, all contributors to comments, and ideas. Solarbeez, ecology lifestyler, and film fan, and Skyose, still going strong, less than three miles away from here.

Then there are the former writers of comments, now sadly departed, at least from my blog. Matt Gadjos, talented cartoonist, maggiemurphy, and Nachthawk, a dog-lover. Stilllearning2B, she is probably still learning somewhere, and Shimky, film blogger, and follower of both my blogs. Karen Potruff who commented five times, then left, presumably forever. Wyeldconverse, former new blogger, music and film fan, also long gone, as has Opinionated Miscellany, never heard from again. Rupert Sheldon, intelligent Norfolk commenter, but just the once. Similarly, Gorilla Bananas, and thinkinglazy. One-time colleague of much respect, Shaun, far too busy to keep up the communication, and kibbled, irked by my inaccurate generalisations. Old mate Mark, and thedreamjournaltoday, inspired by one post each, but sadly no others. Anna Marie, with an interesting Gravatar, Jessielandsel, and Chess Master Arne, super intelligent German. Gragsey, my workmate Graeme, and Boyce, old and dear friend, just the few comments each. Jordana, lady of kindness and sympathy, Readers Cafe, London lovers, and ameliab, who liked statistics. Hadleigh, whose caustic comments were amusing, Billy and Tony V, great friends, absent commenters. Steve Bro, just the one reblog (thanks anyway). Johnny, Gill, and Billy P, no longer appearing on beetleypete. Thanks to you all and you are always welcome back, anytime.

Last, but not least, my lovely wife, Julie. She has read my blog, commented on posts, and put up with hours of typing, long into the night. She has encouraged me, praised me, and has even been surprised by my writing. I wouldn’t have carried on, without her love and support. I owe her a great deal more than thanks.

The above names, (and some are quirky, don’t you think?) are those who have commented. There are many more who have not, but instead choose to follow in silence. I thank them also, and wish them well, if they are indeed still following, as if not, they will never see this. I look forward to more new followers next year, and lots more comments, from all of the above. My thanks, and very best wishes to you all. Pete.

(And before you rush to tell me, I know that ‘commenters’ is not a word. I made it up.)


23 thoughts on “A Seasonal Post

  1. Thanks for the mention Pete, your commitment to your blog and contributors is admirable. I can only aspire! I hope for a positive 2014 for us all and to keep enjoying your diverse posts and chipping in when I can. Best wishes to you, Julie and Ollie too over the festive period. From the ever stormy Hebrides x


  2. Thanks for the shout-out/mention, Pete and greetings from snow-bound New England.where, if you don’t like the weather, stick around a few days. We’re now headed for some daily temps that are more like Spring and instead of snow, rain. The painting is going well, so a good way to end 2013 and a good way to start 2014. I’ve enjoyed your blogs and conversational comments for these past few months and look forward to more in the new year. I wish a Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    1. Thanks Gretchen, and I too have enjoyed our communication, as well as your tales from New England, and seeing your paintings. I hope it is not too cold, so you can enjoy Christmas. Best wishes to you, and looking forward to another year of blogging togetherness, in 2014. Pete.


  3. Merry Christmas to you and Julie and that rascal, Ollie. I hope you have a lovely time however you choose to celebrate. And thanks for the mention. As someone else said, a good blog is one which makes you feel like it is a letter from an old friend, and yours certainly fit into that category. I am very impressed that you have gone through your posts to gather information on the commenters – now that IS dedication 😀
    Jude (from a cold, starlit and moonlit night in Ludlow) xx


    1. I would like to take credit for scanning all the posts Jude, but I did it by using the ‘comments’ section on the dashboard. Mind you, I had 98 pages to sift through, all the same!
      I am glad to have found all my new friends, you included, and equally glad to have enjoyed your interesting tales of travel, your lovely photos, and your news from Ludlow. (The moon here is so bright, it is like a searchlight)
      My best wishes to you, and all your family, for a very Happy Christmas.
      As always, Pete. x


  4. Jaypot here *waves* – I finally had my surgery, a below the knee amputation and have got a prosthetic and getting about better. Still have days that are bad but the pain that I now have is dealt with due to better drugs. It’s taking time, I’m getting there slowly but surely. Need more surgery as the knee above the amputation is badly arthritic!! I need a knee replacement and my surgeon hasn’t done anything like that before, but he has a plan 🙂 Am holding off as long as I can as I already need surgery on both wrists – *I’m a total mess and have asked my GP to refer me to our dog’s vets to have me PTS*
    Enough about me – I’ve been reading with interest and enjoying very much – keep it up.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours – I hope its a peaceful one. I also hope next year that you don’t have heating and house problems!
    Much love to all
    Jay xx


    1. Hi jaypot, I don’t really know whether or not to say I am pleased that you finally got your operation, as it sounds as if you have been through an ordeal. And more to come, with a knee replacement on the same leg! Phew! I can only send my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and wish you and your family all the best for Christmas, and hopefully, a less fraught New Year.
      Thanks for carrying on with my blog, your participation is highly valued. Regards from Norfolk, as always, Pete.


  5. Merry Christmas!
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, my favorite aspect of this community is the writing that ends up being like a good long letter from an old friend. You’ve got that going on, Beetleypete. So glad I recently came upon your lovely correspondence.
    And a joyous New Year, V


    1. Vickie, I spelt your name wrong on your About page. Apologies. You have a great blog there, professional, yet attractive to look at. Thanks for the compliments, very much appreciated.
      Regards from England, Pete.


  6. Seasons greetings from the Mojave Desert! Thank you for your kind mention of me in your post. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and hope you maintain it indefinitely. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for your continued visits to millerswindmill. You are the first person to officially follow my blog, and I always look forward to reading your comments.


  7. Thanks for the mention, Pete! Off to Jim’s Monday for Xmas so I’ll see he reads it. I’m still enjoying and admiring it.

    Love to you both


    Sent from my iPad



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