A Beetley Christmas Eve

Well, it is now only four hours until Christmas Day in Beetley. It is characteristically peaceful, not a sound to be heard.  A few houses have slightly overdone the exterior decorations, but that is forgiven, at this seasonal time. Traffic is non-existent, local children excitedly abed. Our dinner is digesting, and the house is prepared, to receive that certain day.

I was at the Vet’s early today, for Ollie’s tail to be re-dressed. There was a decidedly non-seasonal fee, and he has to return on Saturday, to provide more income for the Vet. She did admit that healing was visible, and cautiously declared that amputation may be off the agenda. For now, at least. Presents wrapped, dinner prepared, I thought it appropriate to light the wood burner early. Bad idea. The recent torrential rain and winds had affected it, yet again, and we got smoke in the living room, and a fire refusing to catch. The spirit of Christmas had deserted us, at least where flames and comfort are concerned. Another reminder, of wasted thousands, seemingly set to haunt us through life. I fought anger and frustration, and took Ollie to the meadow.

He was better today; less reluctant to run, and pleased to see some of his old friends, at least for a while. There were comments about his tail, sympathy, and encouragement. After an hour, he stood by the exit, obviously ready for home. The tail had become too irritating, for him to continue. We had to resort to the central heating, to achieve a decidedly non-seasonal warmth. I cleared away the cardboard rubbish, that had contained various gifts, and settled to an evening of bad TV, and quiet reflection. Ollie slept after his dinner, and we also felt that tiredness that results from days of preparation, and entertainment.

I find myself anticipating sleep, followed by a Christmas breakfast, and a short period of present opening. It was a quiet Beetley Christmas Eve, and I am sure that it will be followed by a quiet Beetley Christmas Day. Sweet dreams, all of you, and I hope that Santa brings you a wonderful surprise.


10 thoughts on “A Beetley Christmas Eve

  1. Nice, warm, and sunny here in Las Vegas. Low 60’s Fahrenheit this week; that’s 16 and 17 Celsius for the metric folks. Christmas Day is a work day, but I don’t mind too much. I hope Ollie improves, and that he regains is enthusiasm for outdoor forays. Too bad about the wood burner, but I’m sure you’ll remedy that situation soon. Have a quiet, but “merry” Christmas Day. David & Michelle


  2. You’re not kidding about the bad TV. I’m thinking of asking for a rebate on my licence, about the only thing worth watching is the news and that’s depressing with all the floods and people without electricity. It will be quiet here tomorrow too. Just me and the OH and a couple of fillet steaks from a Ludlow butcher, after a glass or two of Buck’s Fizz of course. Won’t be so quiet on Boxing Day though as we’re off to the mad-house in Surrey – notwithstanding the weather. Ear-plugs please Santa 😉
    love to all xx


  3. Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas day. Shame about the log burner, but at least you are comfy and snug in your home.
    I’m hoping that here in the Evans home quiet will reign tomorrow after a very busy day today. The winds are howling here in North East Scotland, we just hope that no damage is done overnight or tomorrow.
    A very, merry Christmas to all.


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