A Beetley Christmas Day

We had a reasonably early start today. Presents opened, Ollie first. He enjoyed his new toys for a while, and the excitement of anticipating the unwrapping. We opened ours next, some expected, some not, all nice, or useful. One or two need giving on, or changing, such is the way of presents. Phone calls from friends and relatives, text messages, and some blog salutations. Different time zones popping up Christmas at unusual times.

All was quiet outside. No more, the excited cycling or pogo-ing of yesteryear. Electronic toys rule the living rooms of modern children, and they play silent, and alone. The sun came out, unseasonal, yet welcome. Bright enough to dazzle, and to warm the living room, during our morning drinks. A big breakfast next. Cooked, served on plates, and eaten in the kitchen, at the table, as tradition dictates. More phone calls, to absent children, and far-flung friends and family. What news of their gifts? What did we get? The usual conversations.

Julie’s first Christmas without any of her children. Strange for her, upsetting in fact. Not the same, not as good; something very different. More peace and quiet outside, not a car, nobody passing, no callers to the house. I get ready to take Ollie out. He has to have his walk, after all. Nice to see a family playing football over the meadow. All generations joining in, getting fresh air, getting out of the house, to allow preparation of food. No usual dog companions though. Visiting relatives, having to travel, or routines disturbed. For whatever reason, they are absent.

Ollie feels better today, less bothered by his tail. He runs and scampers, looking for his friends; and finding none, settles for a squirrel, impossible to catch. The sun is so bright, it is hard to see. No sign of deer or rabbits, no egrets either. Just a small Robin, boldly landing at our feet. After an hour, Ollie has grown bored, and we head for home. There are vegetables to prepare, ovens to warm, and more calls to make or receive.

It is now almost 8.30pm. The meal was eaten and enjoyed, as was the dessert. We are a bit sluggish, and there is little or nothing to anticipate on TV. The day has almost ended, somewhat early, unusual for us. The presents are in neat piles, and the wrappers ready for the rubbish. Ollie is finally asleep, having missed his late afternoon nap.

Another Christmas Day in Beetley. Our second one here, and even quieter than the first.


10 thoughts on “A Beetley Christmas Day

  1. Sounds like you had nice and peaceful Christmas Pete. I understand it must be difficult for Julie (it took years for me to fully adapt to celebrating Christmas far from our families). But, then the years we do get to spend with them feel extra special.
    Our Christmas Day passed quickly: Cooking, opening a few presents, and listening to music. In many ways our day was similar to yours, although we are right in the center of the city 🙂


    1. Seems like you had a nice time Mari. Thanks for your thoughts about Julie. She got to see her brother and Mum today, when we visited his house near Ipswich. She will see her younger son tomorrow, so it is not all bad.
      Glad you had a pleasant Christmas in Canada.
      Best wishes to you as always, Pete.


  2. Seems a bit melancholy, but at least Ollie is doing better, and the sun was shining! It was a fine warm day here in Las Vegas. Michelle is in France right now, so I spent Christmas alone (unless you count all the strangers I hung out with today). Didn’t buy any presents; didn’t receive any. Better luck next year, I guess. I did enjoy reading my wife’s book again. It is quite literary.


    1. I wouldn’t say melancholy David, but it was different.
      I was sorry to hear that you are alone at home for Christmas, so probably just as well that you had to work. I hope Michelle gets back for New Year’s Eve, so you can celebrate together.
      Regards from England. Pete.


  3. Christmas in the country. A lovely post. I understand well what Julie is going through. Now my children are grown and have families of their own it’s not often we are together on Christmas Day. Having the family together IS Christmas, . It has no religious meaning to me, though I do like to hear a well-sung carol or two, and I think presents have lost their meaning. Our present giving was very low key this year — a few well chosen items, much appreciated. We have no tree, nor decorations, no turkey either – seems a bit of a waste for just the two of us. I think I prefer it when we rent a cottage somewhere different which gives us an incentive to get out and explore. And don’t even ask me about New Year…
    Jude xx


    1. Your take on it sounds a lot like mine Jude. As I get older, it does begin to seem like just another day, and a lot of fuss over nothing. Especially, as like you, I have no religious leanings. However, Julie still loves all the trappings of the season, so it is sad for her not to be around the family, and to realise that they are beginning to go their own ways.
      Hope that Boxing Day wasn’t too noisy!
      As always, Pete. X


      1. Haha, VERY noisy, though mostly down to the adults and not the kids, who were very calm and well-behaved! Never laughed so much watching my adult sons playing on the Wii – though my discus days are so obviously over ;-D


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