The end of a Beetley Christmas

Julie is back to work tomorrow. ( I know, Saturday, but it is a Bank) So that is pretty much the end of Christmas for us, in Beetley. Boxing Day went well. ( It is really St Stephen’s Day on the 26th, but we all call it Boxing Day, named for when servants received boxes of gifts) We went to see Julie’s brother and Mum, in Suffolk. He and his partner, Caroline, prepared a very nice meal, and we were joined by her daughter and boyfriend, as well as their dog. Unfortunately, their  dog did not take to Ollie, and after growls and snarls, he had to be returned home. We settled down for a good chat and laughs, followed by an unrealistically early tea, where too much food followed a large lunch. Sadly, their Mum was poorly, with a heavy cold; but we all made the best of it, ate far too much, and chuckled the evening away, until time to depart.

Today, we rose at a reasonable time, and I took Ollie for his walk. He was very much his old self, and played with his friend Buddy, despite hurricane strength winds. During a vigorous shake, his tail bandage came off. However, it didn’t seem to concern him, and as he is due back at the Vet tomorrow, I just brought him home a little early. Late afternoon, we went to visit Julie’s daughter and her boyfriend, at their house in Attleborough, about 25 miles away, still in Norfolk. Her younger son was there, visiting with his Dad; and her other twin daughter was there also, so she got to see most of her family. We handed out more presents, and left when they were serving their evening meal.

This evening at home was quiet, and we finished our Christmas meats, and relaxed before the TV. I enjoyed an expensive Bordeaux wine, a gift from neighbours, and Ollie slept off a busy weekend. Tomorrow, after Julie gets home, we are entertaining our neighbours, for an evening meal. I have a Vet appointment for Ollie at 10am, then some housework and tidying, before our guests arrive. It has all gone very quickly, and although we have New Year to anticipate soon, it has been subdued, to say the least.

Perhaps that is the way of things, as you get older. Contentment and routine replaces excitement. That is the way of things in Beetley, in the Norfolk countryside, at least. And all the better for it, as far as I am concerned.


8 thoughts on “The end of a Beetley Christmas

  1. You just taught me something something new Pete: I had no idea why St. Stephen’s Day was called Boxing Day here in Canada! I imagined angry sales shoppers punching each other 🙂 Glad to hear the real origin of the word is more peaceful!


    1. Indeed it is. Christmas Day used to be a normal working day, and they got their presents the following day. It was a long time before the current trend for frantic sales to start!
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


    1. We had the last of the meat cold last night too. I hope that the weather is kind for your trip. Happy Hogmany GFB, and look forward to lots more interaction in 2014.
      Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


  2. It’s a bit hectic around here, with virtually no free time. I still made it a point to read your End of a Beetley Christmas post. I wouldn’t miss that for the world. Three more years (theoretically) before I retire!


    1. Thanks David. At least keeping busy reduces any feelings of loneliness you might have, with Michelle away. Counting down to Retirement is a good way to get through those last few years at work.
      Regards from England, Pete.


  3. Sounds rather like our own Christmas except we had no visitors or had to visit anyone 🙂
    Over the last 7 years or more we have had to get up and see to the pets, then shower and get ourselves ready for a Christmas Lunch in a pub or restaurant, with out 2 close friends and their mum. Then after having that it was a rush back home to see to the pets again, before changing into more comfortable clothes, going to the close friends and all sitting around opening far too many presents. Back home again and see to the pets then try and open some of our own presents, of which most of them got left to the next day, before falling exhausted into bed!
    We decided that we were staying home and not going out except to walk the dogs – which I couldn’t do as the winds were so strong that I would not have been able to keep my balance on my prosthetic!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas and as neither of us work, we can carry on with the down time until the 3rd January as here in Scotland, the 1st and the 2nd are Bank Holidays.
    I’d be happy to do this all over again next Christmas if I could…


    1. Sorry that the winds are affecting your balance on the new leg. Mind you, they have been fierce lately. We thought of going out for Christmas Dinner, but they wanted us for a midday start, far too early for me to eat such a big meal. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the quiet Christmas with your friends, and pets. I think that you needed a bit of peace and quiet after all you have been through.
      Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.


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