Looking Ahead (For a change)

Anyone who knows me, or has even read much of this blog, will know that I am someone who dwells mainly in the past. The older I get, the more the tendency to reflect, and to wallow in nostalgia, overwhelms me.  I look back on years of better weather, happy times, youthful exertions, and a degree of innocence, long lost. Much of this is life seen through rose-tinted spectacles, I have no doubt, but it is as real to me as typing this post now. However, it has to stop, or at least stop being so important. I have to look forward more, and to appreciate the time left, as much as the time gone before.

I am not one for resolutions. I have rarely kept to them, and I find that making one immediately applies pressure, and a desire to break it again. In March, I will have been in Norfolk for two years. The first one was long and interesting, the second just flew by. I have become obsessed with the weather, as regular readers will testify, and my dog, Ollie, has become a huge part of my life. As well as companionship, loyalty, and blind devotion, he also brings a sense of responsibility, and a need to nurture and cherish. Never having had children, this has been a hard lesson for me. Since moving here, I have got little done, around the house and garden. Muscles, destroyed by years of Statins, just don’t work like they used to, and everything seems harder, and often impossible, to complete. It is as if I am trying to work in increased gravity, a very strange feeling. Our garage is still bulging with the accumulated miscellanea of my life up to then, and really must be sorted. It will have to be done slowly, in sections, but it must get done.

I will still be volunteering next year. The Cycling Proficiency begins again in late January, and the Fire Brigade stuff is ongoing, as much as you want to take on. I doubt that I will do any more than this, as I need to dedicate more time to household jobs, before I get much older. I should be getting my bus pass in March though. I was done out of two years by changes to the rules, so I intend to use it as much as the sparse local bus services will allow. At least I will be able to get into Norwich free of charge, and maybe explore the city that is the ‘capital’ of Norfolk.

The period after Julie’s birthday, in January, up to my birthday, in March, always feels a little ‘flat’. The weather is usually bad, the days dark and unwelcoming. Christmas festivities are over, and the coming of Spring seems impossible to contemplate. This period of ‘flat time’ has always been with us, and I now feel the need to use it more wisely, instead of just waiting for it to end. It is a good time for blogging, that’s for sure, and I have the enthusiasm to start another year of blogging with renewed interest. I am following more blogs, including some interesting film and cinema sites, and still keeping in touch with my faithful friends from the beginning of my blog journey.

This evening, we are seeing in the New Year with our neighbours, who have very kindly invited us in to eat, and share the experience. Around the world of blogging, that year will start at different times, and for some of you, it is already almost there. Let us hope that the world will be a better place for all of us next year, and that life in Beetley will stay much the same, but with better weather! Best wishes to everyone, Pete.


12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead (For a change)

  1. Lovely to see you look forward positively, as you know, I don’t look back and am on the starting blocks ready for busy 2014, holidays and plans filling up these early flat months. So lovely to hear of you appreciation of Ollie`s companionship, I adore my dogs, genuinely 2 of my best, most uplifting friends, and bring responsibility for me too since I also don’t have children. We also share a weather obsession, which will not diminish in 2014 🙂 Enjoy New Year with your neighbours!


  2. I am looking forward too, Pete, though much of my blogging this year has been about the past (I just want to get those memories written down before I forget them), I am hoping that there will be new journeys to write about this year!

    Since the house purchase in Cornwall fell through, I’ll no doubt be back looking for that ‘escape to the country/coast’ again, though having been burned just before Christmas my enthusiasm for moving has dwindled somewhat.

    I hope you manage to get your garage cleared – nothing like de-cluttering to feel fresh and full of enthusiasm for the future – and I look forward to reading about the free bus trips and life in Beetley 🙂
    Jude xx


    1. Thanks Jude. I hope that you do find that coastal escape one day soon. But take my tip, avoid getting a dog, if you want to travel. It is just too much hassle arranging dog-sitters, and it make you feel guilty too!
      I have no doubt I will be down memory lane many times again, on the blog at least, but I will also be anticipating your excellent travelogues, and more photos to come.
      As always, Pete. XX


  3. Happy New Year Pete! I hope 2014 will be a good one for you and Julie!
    I have made new year’s resolutions (or rather listed my goals for the beginning year) only for the past couple of years and will do so this year as well. It has been helpful in making me think about what I want to achieve or do.
    My husband’s birthday is also in March and I have to agree with you, the time until that feels just like being in the waiting room for spring!


    1. Thanks Mari. Another Piscean? You make your resolutions, if they work for you. I just have no willpower! Hope you both have a great 2014, and the rest of the winter is not too harsh.
      Regards as always, Pete.


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