Raining in my head

We have now had rain for almost three days and nights. Over sixty-four hours of precipitation, in varying degrees of intensity. From torrential, to steady, via just plain irritating droplets, it has fallen with relentless determination for so long, I can still hear it when it stops raining so hard. In fact, I am no longer able to tell whether or not it has stopped, as the sound of it falling has invaded my very thoughts. With this in mind (pun intended), I have considered a musical post, of songs appropriate to this nuisance.

Rhythm of the Rain. A massive hit for the Cascades, from 1962, this little-played song is actually one of the biggest hits of the 20th Century. The tinkling piano suggests the falling rain. It doesn’t sound much like what is falling here.

I Can’t Stand the Rain. Written and recorded by Ann Peebles, in 1973, this soul ballad pretty much sums up my last year in Norfolk. It also uses tinkling piano to suggest rain. Nowhere near fast or hard enough though.

Here Comes the Rain Again.  From 1984, Annie Lennox sings this Eurythmics hit. Says it all really…

Purple Rain. In the same year, Prince recorded this huge hit, which later became a film of the same name. I doubt my Norfolk rain is anywhere near purple, but it is making me blue. (See what I did there?)

Raining In My Heart. Back to 1958, for this Buddy Holly classic, which is actually about when it is not raining. If only…

Just the five suggestions tonight. It has already begun to rain harder again as I type, hitting the window of my small room. Anymore would be just too depressing.


18 thoughts on “Raining in my head

  1. Good selection of songs. I’m a little surprised I knew them all. However I have a sneaky suspicion that its not the Ann Peebles version I have heard. What a great voice.
    I hope you’ve not been badly affected by any of the floods?


  2. Dear Pete,
    first of all good luck for Ollie for the 9th.
    Oh dear, we had quite nice weather – sunshine, warm, and nearly no wind, but now it`s quite stormy but no rain. Funny as we live just half an hour by car from each other.
    Thanks a lot for all this songs. Great idea!
    Have an easy week.
    All the best
    The Fabulous Four


      1. By the way, it’s funny, dear Pete, a friend of mine wrote a novel about his life in Cley with the title “Rain on my face” (I am one of the protagonists) – seems to be that rain is typical for Norfolk. But not here at least.


        1. The real irony is that it is supposed to be the driest county in the UK, and still claims to be so! Shed flooded today, and torrential rain and storm all morning. I will have to search out that novel KB.
          Best wishes to you all, Pete.


          1. Yes, dear Pete,
            “Rain on my face” is by Quentin Quartermain. Maybe you’l get find a second hand book somewhere. I never got to know Martin (Quentin) and I think that’s sad, he must have been quite a character! He used to live around the corner and was a frequent guest in Rhu Sila.
            We ‘re all upset to hear that Ollie has to have an amputation on the 16th, so sad, poor Ollie. Big pat! x
            All the best from the four of us,
            Dina x


  3. Top choice of tunes Pete, for once I’m familiar with them all 🙂 If it’s any consolation the millionaires playground is a soggy mash after weeks of inclement weather with the sea rushing in to help out around the edges. In contrast it’s dry and mild in Poland, roll-on the end of the month! 🙂


    1. Cheers Eddy mate. good to see you back! I expect that return to Poland cannot come soon enough for you.
      Nice to know that it rains on the rich too!
      All the best to you and Gosia. Pete.


  4. EEEK – NO – enough of rain! 😉
    Two songs I actually dont know there – The buddy holly one – and *scrolls up*
    Ah yes – Ann Peebles — who is Ann Peebles?
    Certainly need our supply of rainy day songs! :/ poor Island is drwoing at the moment.


    1. Thanks for the comment IW. I am guessing that you are probably too young to know Buddy Holly, but that was a massive chart hit, everywhere. Ann Peebles is less well-known, except to ageing Soul aficionados like myself. Here is a link to her history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Peebles It has stopped raining here this morning, but I doubt it will be long before it starts up again.
      Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


  5. Sounds dismal, Pete, but at least you won’t be shoveling a foot of snow as I likely will tomorrow if the forecast is correct across the pond here in Boston. I’ve been enjoying your holiday-related posts. Best wishes for 2014, it can’t keep raining forever, right? Rick


    1. Thankfully not Rick. I have a godson living in Boston, so I know it gets harsh there. I think it is the constant sound, more than the discomfort, that annoys me. In fact, it is not raining today, and the sun is out! (weatherman says it is a one-day respite)
      Perhaps my post performed the same function in modern times, as offering spices to a bronze cow statue once did, for the Ancients.
      Good luck with that snow, we still have ours to come.
      Best wishes to you and all your family from England. Pete.


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