The Blogging Mojo

When Austin Powers famously realised that he had ‘lost his mojo’, it was an amusing theme for a whole comedy film.

In the world of Blogging, the loss of the Blogging Mojo can seem like something much more serious. After a great week up to the 24th January, I have lacked inspiration, and ideas, failing to get much down on the blog. Despite having three posts still in drafts, and notes for a good few more, they are just not happening. Even this short post, essentially to explain the absence of other, potentially interesting articles, is having to be dragged out of the keyboard, as if I am typing, and thinking, underwater.

I could blame the weather, as I have often done for other moods, and inactivity. Grey days, cold, constant rain, perhaps not conducive to creativity. But that would be wrong. This weather is usually a great incentive for blogging. Shut away from the elements, in the small room grandly called the office, is the best place to be, when it is forbidding outside. Also, the weather is the same all over the UK at the moment, yet other bloggers are prolific, and posts are appearing in my Reader at a steady rate.

I have been doing some volunteering, but not enough to use as an excuse to be away from my blog. Ollie’s tail problems, hopefully concluding today, with removal of the stitches, have been bothering me, naturally. However, they have provided me with ideas and thoughts for posts about that very subject, so I can’t blame it on his tail. I haven’t even got around to clearing the last of the leaves, despite having a good crack at it recently. So, I can’t use the excuse of gardening, at least not in such bad weather.

I have been active blog-wise, as far as commenting on other people’s blogs goes. I have kept up with those that I follow, and even sent in work to be published ‘over there’. It is just beetleypete, lacking mojo, feeling directionless, and perhaps having almost run its course, in the present format. I have successfully managed to disregard dramatic blips in readership. Those very quiet days have been contrasted by some of the busiest ever, so the average is actually higher. It is not that I want, or need, a bigger readership, or following. I just want my blog to be better, and more satisfying.

It could all just be a slump, and I will soon appear on the other side, back to the same form as before. I am prompted to ask though, particularly of my regular followers and readers, ‘What do you think?’ Should I carry on the same, posting about all sorts, as and when. Or, should I be doing something different? Now is your chance to pour on your unbridled criticism of this blog. Tell me what you like, what you hate, and what you would like to see more of, if anything. Should I just scrap it, and start over anew? Feel free to be harsh, or kind, depending on your mood. I am asking for some directions, like a motorist who finds himself lost, in a town he thought he knew well. The place I am looking for might be as easy to discover as the next on the left, or as far away as the ring-road.

See you all soon. Pete.




20 thoughts on “The Blogging Mojo

  1. Pete, you of all people know about the many times others (namely me) have felt the block so please don’t give up yet. Sometimes I have pages and pages of ideas but the flow just doesn’t seem to fit or I worry about the order my posts are published in because “it may throw people off” etc but like I always say, we need to remember that first and foremost we blog for ourselves, to write what we want, when we want and not because of readership or likes etc (not that you’ve got anything to worry about there) but just take your time with it and literally go with the flow, with whatever moves you – and if not much is doing that right now then so be it. In the meantime keep doing what you’re doing, keeping notes for future posts that you’re passionate about writing and enjoying the reader – perhaps you’ll find even more topics and musings – don’t worry about that Mojo, It will be back – and we will still be here when it does 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks Sophie, I know you have been there in the past, so you know what I was talking about. I woke up feeling the need for something fresh. However, Something Jaypot said, about being interested in my childhood, has spurred my thoughts into reflecting on that area, and I have been working on something tonight.
      So, back soon, as promised.
      As ever, Pete. XX


  2. I must admit I’ve had a really good run since christmas but this week I’ve been feeling a bit of lost mojo too. I will blame the weather! I don’t know why.
    I like your blogging style- I always feel like I learn a lot about you and your life reading about your music tastes and travels and days walking the dog. I say keep doing what you’re doing.



    1. Thanks very much Amy. It is nice to know what you like about the blog, and that you feel you learn something about me from the posts.That is what I always hoped would happen, when I started writing this.
      Regards as always, Pete.


  3. You have got the January Blues! And this January has been worse than usual because it has been so WET! I don’t think you should change your blog at all, I LOVE reading about the countryside in Beetley and Ollie, the reminiscing, your music tastes – they may not be mine, but I enjoy having a browse.

    And if you are feeling a bit jaded why not do some writing using the Daily Prompt for ideas? You can choose fact or fiction. Who knows that might kickstart a whole new direction 😀
    Jude xx
    Happy New (Chinese) Year.
    If you are a Rabbit (1951) then “Don’t be discouraged and follow your dreams”


    1. Thanks Jude. Glad to hear that you like the format. I wasn’t really feeling a general January blues, despite the weather, just a kind of blogging dead end. Thanks for the link, I will have a look.
      Jaypot steered me back to my past, and that is proving fertile at the moment.
      Gong Hei Fat Choi to you too, but I am not a Rabbit, I am a Dragon, apparently. (1952)
      Regards as always, Pete. x


      1. OK, it all depends on the date you are born, as my eldest son is 1975 but that year the New Year changed after his birthday (early Feb) so he is a Tiger and not a Rabbit – Dragons: Do your own research and stand firm. Be cautious of offers that come with strings attached.


  4. Like everyone was saying, the loss blogging mojo does happen from time to time (it happened to me after Christmas!).

    Writing like you write Pete takes a lot of creative energy and sometimes you just have to let that energy recharge. My advice would be; don’t worry about it too much! Let yourself just be and not write. Do other things that you enjoy. The feeling of wanting to write and knowing what to write about will return when it’s time!

    …OR you could just use Dr. Evil’s time machine to go back to 1960’s to steal Austin Power’s mojo 🙂 Bring some back for the rest of us too!


    1. Oh no! Not Dr Evil. I do look a little like Mini-Me, unfortunately.(Or so I am told, as I can’t see it myself, obviously)
      The comment from Jay gave me some inspiration today, and made me think about something in my childhood. That is now a work in progress.
      Thanks Mari, hope all’s well in Canada.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  5. Oh please keep up your blog Pete! I too think that everyone goes through this kind of “quietness” for a time now and again. I’m not a prolific writer but I really enjoy reading your blog which I will state, hand on heart, is one of my favourites 🙂
    Just take a little time out and it will all come back, probably with greater enthusiasm than before.
    I like to hear about your earlier, working life, and, if you could include things from you childhood I’d be over the moon 🙂 Your life interests me as you’ve done such a lot compared to boring old me. Perhaps little bits about your parent’s lives or your grandparents? I’m not wanting names etc – but their stories and you write so eloquently that I am drawn into your stories as if by magic.
    Jay x


    1. Jay, thanks very much for the kind words, and the good ideas for future posts. I am sure that I will be back to form soon, I just needed a bit of a jump-start again. Must be a flat battery!
      Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


  6. Hi, Pete–keep writing! And please continue with the blog … as well as with writing for CURNBLOG. You’re a terrific writer, and I’m always amazed when I read your work. You sound like you’re very thorough and prepared when writing, but I encourage you to write even when you’re feeling uninspired. The continued practice will spur inspiration. Also, I’m wondering: Have you ever considered submitting your work to small-press or other magazines? I feel your writing is of publishable quality and should be seen by more people. You manage to make day-to-day events and activities compelling and have an honesty that’s quite refreshing. There’s an interesting site called Duotrope that has a repository of small-press publications that can be submitted to, electronically or otherwise, and many are film-related. I think it’s a pay site now, but it has lots of information. Anyway, glad to hear Ollie’s on the mend–please send him my barks, er, best. Regards from Noo Yawk, Simon


    1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Simon. I think we must all go through these periods, I know it has happened to me before, on this blog. Perhaps I just felt that a new year required something new, but maybe not.
      I will consider your advice about publishing, and pass on your good wishes to Ollie.
      Regards as always, from peaceful Norfolk. Pete.


  7. I’m with Brian. What you are describing is very natural and even ordinary in the world of bloggers who are less prolific than you. I tend to average about a post a month and that’s enough for me. If you’re not ‘feeling it’ at the moment that’s perfectly fine. It will come back. That creative energy that wields fire in our souls and gives us purpose WILL return. This I absolutely promise you. Sending you love and big hugs from an equally dreary London x


  8. Pete: I think you’ve just got Blogger’s Block. I don’t think you need to change direction at all as the entries that you post are always a worthwhile read expressing lots of different opinions on quite diverse subjects. Keep things as they are – your Muse will return I’m sure. Brian.


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