A Weekend Away

After overnight rain hung on until 11am, the sun is now out, and despite clouds, it feels good. We are having that rare thing (for Beetley life) this weekend, a trip away. Leaving soon, for two nights in a hotel in the Hertfordshire/Bucks borders. We are going to the wedding of Julie’s nephew, and are lucky enough to be booked in to the same place where the ceremony will be held. So, after today’s long drive, we can relax until Sunday morning.

With Julie having to work every other Saturday, and also trying to get someone to take Ollie, it is never easy to plan a trip away. Luckily, my good friend Lesley will take our dog, and as she owns one of his best friends, the Labrador, Oban, Ollie will have a great time. Once he settles in, they will be tugging toys, and circling the coffee table, until they collapse with exhaustion.

We have had the usual stresses; waiting for outfits to arrive in the post, cutting it fine, with a parcel delivery at 10.30 this morning. Will it fit OK? Will it look nice? Will it match the shoes and bag? Have we packed everything? Will we need this, or that? It all worked out fine in the end, as it usually does. We will also manage to see Julie’s son and his partner. As they cannot make the wedding, we will go out with them tonight. Julie’s daughter (one of them) is coming down with us, to visit her old friends, taking the chance of a rare lift. At the wedding tomorrow, Julie will be able to catch up with all her family, young and old, and she will undoubtedly enjoy the whole day.

So, I will also be having a holiday from the blog, at least until Sunday evening. I hope that you all have a great weekend, and look forward to reading all your stuff when I return.


18 thoughts on “A Weekend Away

  1. Seems we both had weekends away Pete…careful or people will start to talk lol. Glad you got away from it all and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 – I can only assume the next post will give me all the details 🙂


      1. Glad to read this! Wishing you a good new week.
        Lost of pats for Ollie. I bet he was most happy to see you again, despite his good friend and everything…


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