Significant Songs (19)

Unfinished Sympathy

Another group to emerge from the new Bristol music scene in the 1990’s, Massive Attack was a trio of musicians, rappers and DJ’s, who had the good sense to cooperate with some of the most soulful vocalists around at the time, as well as many of the best producers and arrangers working in that field. Their debut recording, ‘Blue Lines’, released in 1991, went on to achieve tremendous success, and much critical acclaim. They have gone through many changes from the original line-up, and the band still performs today.

There was a standout track on ‘Blue Lines’, a song that crossed musical boundaries, and could appeal to fans of almost any modern genre. Hard to define, to some it is a soul record, to others it is unique to Massive Attack. The production and orchestration are simply flawless, and allied to the perfect vocals of Shara Nelson, the result is a timeless masterpiece, that is both haunting, and huge in scope. As you can see, I cannot praise this track highly enough. The play on words of the title, ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, gives some indication that you are about to hear a modern symphony in miniature, fortunately, one that was finished. Perhaps one of the best records of all time.

Lie back, and let it wash over you…


6 thoughts on “Significant Songs (19)

  1. I always liked this track Pete, now I know more about it and you have reminded me of it; I’m sure it will make an appearance in my earth plaster remix this week. Cheer, Eddy.


        1. To be honest Jude, I have never had any desire to go to Los Angeles at all, except for some Art Deco architecture I wouldn’t mind seeing. I haven’t seen Southland, but Boyz-n-the Hood was bad enough! x


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