Significant Songs (25)

Rabbit Heart

In 2009, Florence Welch arrived with a bang on the British music scene. Unheard of previously, the debut album, ‘Lungs’ released by her and her collaborators, as Florence and The Machine, took the UK charts by storm. This was something completely fresh, and genre-free. Not since Kate Bush had impacted our senses in the late 1970’s, had such an unusual sound assailed our ears. The CD catered for almost all tastes. It included a cover version of Candi Staton’s 80’s song  ‘You’ve Got The Love’, which I would argue is better than the original, as well as a crop of self-penned songs that showed real talent, along with a wonderful vocal range. And she was just 23 years old.

I soon bought a copy, and discovered that the album was selling well all over the world, even breaking into the US charts. Many tracks were instantly picked up for use in film soundtracks, and the elegant figure of Ms Welch was appearing all over our TV screens, and on music videos on all the usual channels. There were 13 tracks on the original release of ‘Lungs’. I can probably take or leave a couple of them, not bad for a new release, from an unknown artist. Other than ‘You’ve Got The Love’, which is so well known, I thought about a track to illustrate the style and talent of this young woman. I have chosen one that typifies her writing, though the video that accompanies it is a little ‘twee’ for my taste.

She went on to more success, and released her second album ‘Ceremonials’, in 2011. I cannot help but feel that she will continue on, to greater and better things. Of course, only time will tell.


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