A Photography Website

As most of you will know, I don’t post photos here. I don’t even take any these days, as I keep all the images in my mind.

One of my very good friends is a keen photographer. He doesn’t do it for a living, but he could, as he is more than proficient. He is well-travelled, and has taken some stunning photos in foreign lands, as well as many excellent portraits. He has also dabbled in wedding photography, and took some superb photos at my own wedding, in 2009. There are also some unusual abstracts,  and a range of architectural and cityscape images, that I admire greatly.

After years of experimentation with equipment, he now uses a top of the range SLR, and a compact camera, also of very high specification. He has a self-taught skill in Photoshop, and instinctively manages to manipulate photos in a very good way, without spoiling the themes or ideas behind them. His black and white and still life work is admirable as well.

Although he is a lot younger, and started out a little later in photography, there is much he has taught me, about good picture-taking, and choosing the right equipment. He has just launched a web site, to showcase his work. It is still new, and will no doubt be developed. But in the meantime, can I ask all of you with any interest in photography to follow the link, and have a look at it. There is a contact form there, if you want to comment, or ask questions, but it is not a blog.


And there is a great photo of Ollie there, for all of you who would like to see my dog!



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