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After all but crippling myself during a recent spell of over-enthusiastic gardening, I have not been doing a lot. Other than walking Ollie, I have found myself unable to undertake any physical tasks, at the risk of more back pain. This has also applied to my blog, with little written over the last few days. I have submitted articles elsewhere, but have been neglecting beetleypete, as there has been little inspiration for tales of everyday life that involve sitting around, and taking painkillers.

I came back to the blog this morning, to check on some posts, and have a look at comments; all the usual stuff carried out by regular bloggers. I was thinking about the absence of some of my favourite bloggers, wondering what had happened to them, and why they were not writing posts, and appearing in my reader. I don’t like it when blogging friends disappear. It makes me worry about them, watching the metaphorical tumbleweed roll across their blogs; no posts since January, perhaps even December. After almost three years, you convince yourself that you know these people, many of them in far-off lands. Your correspondence with them, even if only by to and fro comments on blog posts, assumes a familiarity and a connection. Then they are gone.

This slight erosion of that small community impacts far beyond its real importance. There is a family feel to blogging, a cosy feeling of togetherness, in an electronic world peopled by untold millions. Without that group dynamic, it feels not unlike throwing a message in a bottle into an ocean. But life goes on of course, and for some it is very busy. Blogging is a diversion, not the purpose, and those absent for whatever reason have their own stuff to deal with. It is pointless to assume the same connection is felt by everyone concerned. To some, the blog is an ‘as and when’ activity, to others it is a forgettable experience.

If you have ever expected crowds at a party you were throwing, and only a few turned up, you will have an idea what I am on about. I have written before about concerns for the blogger. Lack of followers, few readers, less and less views. Over the last few days, I have had few guests at my ‘party’. Despite a welcome increase in followers, for some reason daily views and the always welcome comments, have plummeted to an all-time low. When you are not being productive in your output, this is perhaps to be expected. As consumers, whether of entertainment, foodstuffs, or the written word, we all look for something fresh every day. Something to stimulate, to share, or just enjoy. It is up to us, as bloggers, to provide such fare.

Today marks a very good day for me. I used to worry unduly about views and likes, clicks in and out of the site, searches, comments, and statistics. I stopped worrying this morning. I don’t know why, I just did. It is like a weight off my shoulders, a burden removed. I am now a grown-up blogger, and it feels really good.




12 thoughts on “Grown-up Blogger

  1. Having been told that I had two herniated discs after suffering from pins and needles as well as numbness in my hands to the point that I would loose my grip, I was offered an operation to correct the problem and told that I should avoid physical work if I decided against surgery. With the operation having a 95% success rate I decided I didn’t want to become a statistic and proceeded to build a house! My back has never felt better 🙂 That’s the thing about statistics, they only tell you one story and it’s not as good as the one you tell Pete. All the best, Eddy


    1. Cheers Eddy. My back is still twingeing a bit, but what the hell. I doubt that I could build your straw house though, or turn that humanure pile.
      Respect due for all that mate. Happy Easter to the three of you. It’s always great to see you here. Pete.


  2. Pete, when I read a blog entry like this one, I just want to shout to the world, “Come read beetleypete!” You always seem to mix humor and seriousness in just the right doses, and then sprinkle it with a human flavor that really touches home. One thing that strikes me is that you do not write books; yet you write well-conceived, thought-provoking, and invariably witty pieces (oftentimes, essays) here and elsewhere on the internet. I, on the other hand, have as my primary objective the writing of books, but don’t engage in serious writing on my blog. Yes, I do write limericks (some of which have required a few hours of work), but they have no lasting value, and are strictly intended to provide a moment’s entertainment before being discarded as irrelevant to life. I stumbled upon your blog when putting my latest book title to the Google test, became an “accidental tourist,” and am now a fervent follower. Perhaps “follower” is the wrong term. I feel more like a disciple! Please keep up the good work. It shouldn’t be necessary to post every day, and it’s maybe not even advisable. Three posts a week should keep true followers from bailing. I do think you should also continue to write movie reviews on Curnblog and other internet sites, as that can lure potential new followers to this blog.


    1. David, as always, you are too kind. I cannot compare my blog to ‘Pope On The Dole’ (available from Amazon!). However, it does consume a great deal of my life, and I am always very pleased when I am able to entertain, amuse, or perhaps even inspire. My day has been one of some personal importance, as I have managed to finally shake off the unwarranted concerns, and to enjoy my blog for its own sake.
      Don’t sell those limericks short either. They provide hours of fun, and convoluted thought processes, and will continue to do so, I have no doubt.
      Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


  3. Sorry to hear that your gardening had such a toil on your back Pete – I know that feeling all too well, even though I haven’t got a garden I am always straining my back which puts me out of sorts for several days! And it can be terribly painful. Still you have had time to leisurely browse through the posts of your blogging family and I just love the way you put your findings into words. I have never really bothered about the statistics, but it is disappointing when a post you have put a lot of time and effort into receives very little notice. I’ve been busy on my other blog as I joined the April A to Z challenge (click my name to have a look) so haven’t been doing as many posts on the travel blog this month. And now the weather is improving there are a lot of other things to do rather than sit behind the laptop 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon xx


    1. Thanks Jude. It is the transverse spinal muscle, called the Rotatores, on the lower left. I am walking as if I am on a listing ship!
      I didn’t get your A-Z posts in the reader, though I did get them from two other bloggers. I have been over and had a look, beautiful flowers, and wonderful colours.
      Glad you liked the post.
      Regards as always, Pete. x


      1. I’m so sorry to read this, Pete! That sounds very painful indeed, I do hope you start to feel better soon. Despite the bad news concerning your health, I must admit your words put several smiles on my face, you have a gift for writing and entertaining, Pete. Very enjoyable reading!
        Dina xo


  4. Sorry your gardening episode brought you such pain. I’ve just returned to a gym where I used to go for weekly exercising and am experiencing similar pain of muscles unused for the past year or so. I’m hoping to work out all my muscle kinks before gardening season begins here. Hang in!


    1. Thanks Gretchen. I should have known better really, and paced myself. You are more sensible, getting to the gym before attempting your gardening. No doubt I will heal soon enough.
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


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