Top Tens: My view

I have had another article published on

It concerns films (again), and is about the difficulties of choosing top lists.

If you are interested, please follow this link.

Thanks for your interest. Pete.



6 thoughts on “Top Tens: My view

  1. I identify completely with this post! My favourite films, and even favourite actors, change over time, and I always really struggle to answer questions about my favourites, I tend to just offer a “recent favourite”. I think that’s a natural part of being a film fan though constantly finding new films to get excited about!


    1. Thanks for the comment Claire. I am just overwhelmed by lists of ‘top 10 of these’ or ‘best 50 that’. It is all subjective, impossible to verify, and purely a matter of taste. The best we can say is ‘we think’ that something is a great film etc. I have even been guilty myself in the past, so would just like to see it all stop! (Off the soapbox now…)
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Hah, yeah, I ‘suck’ at top X list, and even more so at naming single favorites. And, I completely agree with the first commentor on your CB post that they should all have the qualified “momentary” attached to them.


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