More problems with ‘Comments’.

Just to let everyone know. I am having lots of problems posting comments once again. Please check your Spam folders for any that slipped through. I am replying and commenting on your posts, but some are just not appearing.

Regards to all, Pete.


6 thoughts on “More problems with ‘Comments’.

  1. I look into spams almost every day, Pete. If I ignore it a day or two I easily have 100 spams there to delete, grrrr. Very, very occasionally a blogger ends up there too, bit not so often as before. I wish WP would stop all those paydaygetsomecheaploans & co before they swarm the platform. Any idea what to do about this?
    Sunny greetings from the Rhine Valley and lots of pats to Ollie! 🙂


    1. Some of us had this problem for a while last year. WordPress only really operates a forum for help and advice. Sometimes, it just seems to cure itself. I seem to be able to reply on my own blog with no issues, and others like Jude’s are OK. I will just keep on trying I suppose.
      Ollie has had his pats. he has been very good, as he always is! XX


  2. This seems to be a regular occurrence on WP Pete. I had the same issues a couple of weeks ago as did a few of my (British) blogging friends. It sorted itself out after a few days, but I did have to be fished out of the dreaded Spam folder a few times 😦


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