Cutting and Pasting

I am turning to everyone for help with something that is beginning to bug me. For the last week, I have been unable to cut and paste (or copy and paste) any links into wordpress posts. This started with You Tube, and has now spread to everything. Whether it is a music video, film clip, or wiki page, it just will not appear on the post. I have tried publishing first, then trying to add the link later, and that doesn’t work. It does let me do this onto a blank word document, but when I then try to add this into the wordpress edit, it fails to materialise.

This is going to effect my posts considerably. Film and music posts will no longer contain clips or information, travel posts will have no links to things of interest, and I will be unable to publish links to things I have written elsewhere, My computer knowledge is fairly basic. I have re-booted the PC, and changed the usb connections for the mouse and keyboard. Nothing makes any difference.

So, fellow bloggers, and computer experts out there, HELP!

Thanks in anticipation, Pete.

**Update at 4.30 pm. It seems that wordpress support has a page open about this, and others are having the same trouble. I have sent them a request for advice or help today. **

8 thoughts on “Cutting and Pasting

    1. He could be Debs. He’s in Eastbourne at the moment, but he might notice this, and be able to help. It seems to only be affecting wordpress blog posts, which is why I sent this out. Hope all’s well. x


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