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I have spent some time this week looking back at articles on this blog. With so many published now, it is easy to forget some of them, especially the less personal or controversial ones. Do you ever decide to have a look through your bookshelves, revisiting old favourites, or remembering that some were placed there, half-finished? You might skim through a record or CD collection, occasionally playing a few tracks from one, or wondering why you ever bought another in the first place. Browsing the blog is a bit like that.

I confess that I have been embarrassed by how bad some posts are. Poor writing, erratic punctuation, and incredibly long sentences. Many of the earlier efforts were actually quite aggressive, or bombastic in tone. Yet still, I wouldn’t really change anything. It has all been a learning process, and the blog has developed the way it has without undue thought or contrivance on my part. The stories about my time in the Ambulance Service are rarely read these days. But examination proves, at least to me, that they are all valid, and their publication was worthwhile. My short film reviews, usually grouped in areas of nationality, still have occasional readers; and a quick perusal assures me that they are all still relevant.

My category of Holidays and Travel was popular, but I have neglected it greatly since the last post on the subject. I must set about rectifying that. I have a lot more songs and music selections to add to that section, but current problems with You Tube links have meant that this has had to be put on hold for the time being. My last attempt at fiction received mixed reviews from readers. However, there was enough positive feedback to make me consider developments in this area, though I expect this will be a project better suited to long winter months. My other blog has enjoyed a welcome increase in viewers and readers lately. I suspect that this is only a blip though, from some who have only just realised it was there. I actually think that the standard of the posts on that blog is higher than on this one. Perhaps that is because of the passion that lies beneath the writing, or the fact that I publish a lot less over there.

Trying to be critical of your own work is difficult. It is even harder trying to read your writing as if it was fresh and new to you. I would say that some of my articles are very good indeed. I have been pleased to write them, and would have been equally happy to have read them elsewhere. Feedback has been good, even flattering on occasion, making me realise that there is something to be said for blogging for others, as well as just for yourself. At the same time, certain posts appear clunky and lacking flow. I have to admit to over-describing things sometimes, and often going over familiar ground. This applies particularly to my posts about life in the countryside, and walking with Ollie. These are the most popular here, and always get the most views and comments. To me as the writer, I feel that they are too similar, and relate the same story, at different times of the year. But then that is the point I suppose. Familiarity and continuity is trending well in literature, films, and TV, hence the success of serialisations, sequels, and soap operas.

As I approach the previously unimagined figure of 500 posts, I am sure that I can only maintain and improve this blog, by looking back over things half-forgotten, and rarely read. I wonder if my fellow bloggers do anything similar? I would recommend that they do.



14 thoughts on “Browsing The Blog

  1. It’s a lot easier for me to browse my own blog because it mostly consists of limericks and photos. Your blog is a lot more ambitious, and I can see how combing through older posts can yield pleasant rediscoveries. I don’t typically go back and look through your older posts, but, of course, I should do so. I’m sure there are some real gems that would be a great pleasure to read.


    1. Jude once suggested that I should re-publish some of the older stuff, for the benefit of new readers. I might well do that one day, perhaps a ‘flashback’ series. It seems too soon in one way, but two years is a long time in blogging!
      Regards from England, Pete.


  2. I agree with Jude, Pete. Blogging is educating and you just can’t help it, you have to improve! 🙂 Now don’t you be too hard on yourself looking back, but to tell the truth, I think we all feel like this. Your style of writing is fine and warmhearted and I always feel grounded after a virtual visit to Beetley.
    keep up the good work. Congratulations on your 500th and lots of pats for dear Ollie. Have a happy weekend! – Dina


  3. Congratulations on the 500 posts. As of the last count, mine is 1,473. Sometimes, I do that too, read some of my earlier posts and I can’t believe I blogged about this and that, some are deep thoughts that I could no longer capture now. Some are simple musings about life, family, my online apostolate, friends, neighborhood, road trips and such. What makes me a little emotional were those posts I wrote while undergoing treatment.

    Lovely post Pete!


    1. Just a few to go Arlene, but still only a third of your total! Well done on doing so much writing. Those posts from your treatment days must be emotional, but you can treasure the fact that you are still here to read them.
      Very best wishes from England, Pete.


  4. Pete,

    I love your blog. I feel like I get to know you and a bit about Beetley, tastes in cinema and music, etc. I have noticed a change and revel in it because you are working to improve. And, if you don’t improve, you stagnate.

    Should you ever consider it, I would love to know about the people of Beetley, or a “fictional” village in Norfolk. I think it would be incredibly entertaining.

    Hope you are smiling.



    1. You are not the first person to suggest an article (or series) on village life in Norfolk Phil. I fear that it will have to be fictional, as I would have angry crowds at my door otherwise! I will give it some thought…
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. I think most bloggers will find that their writing has improved over time, as the process of blogging becomes more natural and you find a suitable style. I have looked at some of my early work, mostly to change the way I presented the photos though I have edited text when I have found it to be quite clumsily written, or unnecessary. And I have reblogged some old trips as they were written when I hardly had any visitors and it seems a shame not to ‘show them off’! So that’s changed me as originally I blogged just to get my travels written – now I find it is nice to get a response 🙂


    1. I was aware of your changes Jude, as you know I have followed you from the ‘early days’. Your style has developed into something instantly recognisable, and your blog has gone from strength to strength in the process. I have been very pleased to be there for most of it, and wish you many more happy years of blogging to come.
      Regards as always, Pete. x


      1. That’s very kind of you Pete! And I do appreciate all your comments. I hope you will post more travel stories – I am sure you have a lot to share with us that you have sometimes hinted at.


        1. There are two in drafts, and two more in the back of my mind. They take a lot of recall though, and some real effort to write. They will be up on the blog some time this year though. x


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