Significant Songs (33)

The Man With The Child In His Eyes

Kate Bush arrived on the British music scene in 1978, with the quirky ‘Wuthering Heights’. Like or or love her, you had to realise that there had never been anyone like her; before, or since. Combining unusual song writing, dance, mime, drama, and an incredible vocal range, she was once heard, never forgotten.

Her career has been mostly marked by her absences. She has never really sought the limelight, and her public has been privy to very little information about her, or her personal life.  She has changed her style of music, much in the same way as more mainstream recording artists, such as Madonna, or Prince. But she has never changed herself. Her own attractive appearance, lisping vocals, and exaggerated facial expressions, have all endured until today.

She is very English, both in delivery and style. Drawing from literature, art, poetry, and classical dance, she has carved out something unique in the music business. One note of her song, or a few seconds of video, and it is instantly recognisable as Kate Bush. Her disappearances from the scene have only served to fuel the sense of enigma that surrounds her, leaving her fans to anticipate her next incarnation, and the sounds that will accompany it.

This is not necessarily my favourite song from her large body of work. I might prefer ‘Cloudbusting’, Hounds Of Love’, or ‘Running Up That Hill. This is the woman that brought us ‘Army Dreamers’, ‘Don’t Give Up’, and so many others. The reason for choosing this song, is that she wrote it when she was thirteen years old. I will type that again, for emphasis. Thirteen years old.

That isn’t just talent. That is sheer genius.


16 thoughts on “Significant Songs (33)

  1. An undoubted massive talent.
    I actually auditioned to play keyboards for her back in the 70’s, she was really nice. She phoned me within a day or so to tell me that I had not got the job but that she appreciated me applying.
    Christine and I went to see the preview of her show on Sunday night at the Apollo, we are sworn to secrecy as was everyone in attendance so I cannot reveal any details. Although I find this all a little precious, I do respect the request and eagerly anticipate the press reaction to an enigmatic piece of theatre!
    Kate is a one off and I would back up Pete’s recommendation to check out her portfolio.


    1. Thanks Ro. Shame you didn’t get the gig for the ‘local’ girl.
      I hope the new show isn’t too pretentious. She was always more than a little precious, as you say. Hope all’s well mate. Pete. x


  2. Kate Bush is a name I’ve heard off and on over the years, but I never took the time to listen to any of her songs. So this was my introduction. I was surprised to learn that she is 58 years old! She must be very young in this video. Anyway, she has a very nice voice, and I did enjoy the song. She basically sings prose rather than structured lyrics, but it works here. Thanks!


      1. Pete, I listened to these more than once, and am particularly enthralled by Wuthering Heights. I also listened to Cloudbusting, Hounds Of Love, Running Up That Hill, Army Dreamers, and Don’t Give Up. I like her voice, and her songs are definitely intriguing. I think what attracts me the most, though, is her beauty, grace, and dramatic delivery.


    1. She certainly has a very unusual voice Elaine. It is unique, and I suppose it divides the listeners into those who like it, and those who cannot stand it. I like most of her early stuff still, but my wife can’t bear her!
      Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Something special going on there Kathy. She was only 20 years old when she had her number one hit. There have been younger performers of course, but few so accomplished.
      Thanks for commenting. Best wishes, Pete.


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