My New Chair

Yesterday, my wife Julie bought me a new chair. We went over to Toftwood, and purchased it second-hand, from a nice young woman. It had been her son’s cherished computer chair, but they were moving, and needed the space. It was in excellent condition, looking almost as good as new. It has a mesh back panel, and everything on it is adjustable. A lumbar support and variable neck cushion will be most welcome, and there is good resistance at the back, to keep me sitting straight. The wheeled base moves easily, allowing me to scoot around the small room that we use as a sort of office. There are generous arms on the chair too, which is nice if I want to sit back, and contemplate my next blog post. The seat cushion is large and roomy, putting no pressure on the back of my legs, but offering a firm perch during the hours spent at the computer. It was a great gift.

‘So what?’ I can imagine you might well be wondering this, and why I have bothered to take your time (and mine) writing a post about something as mundane as an office chair. How can I get so excited about something that most bloggers take for granted? There is a very good reason. I use a PC, so cannot sprawl on a sofa or comfy armchair, as I tap away at a laptop, or tablet. For the last two years, I have sat on a dressing table stool. This has served well-enough. It is solid wood, built by Ercol, with a decent black vinyl padded seat. It was an expensive item in its day, and is still serving its intended purpose well. But it is low, and has no back, sides, or arms. After a few hours at the computer, typing away, it can play havoc with my back and legs.

So, I have finally graduated to a chair, something I considered well-worth writing about. We have also put an offer on some office furniture; book-cases, and a large desk. If we can arrange collection of those, we will be on our way to finally having a real office. It never ceases to amaze me what I can get excited about these days. But I am. Honest.

14 thoughts on “My New Chair

  1. If you start a spin then tuck your legs in under your arms, curling into a ball on the seat, then you should speed or at least the illusion is that of speed. And with no flailing legs the tight space shouldn’t be a problem.


    1. I’ll have to try that on an empty stomach I think Eddy. So that’s what you do, when you should be turning the compost!
      I see you are catching up with your reading. The headmaster would be proud…


  2. I assume it swivels, too. I also work from a PC, and have an old office chair whose vinyl is split from one end of the seat to the other. It’s comfortable, though, and nobody but me uses it. So it works. Maybe I’ll look into buying a new chair sometime, but I’m not concerned about aesthetics. This old chair swivels, as most office chairs do, and so, once in a while, I’ll spin around just for the fun of it. It’s a shame that adults are not allowed to use playgrounds. I think I miss the merry-go-round. If we had playgrounds for adults, and we had a paradigm change about adults playing, we would all be in much better health. Oh, well. There’s always a jog around the block (boring).


    1. It does indeed swivel David, but there is not a lot of swivelling room in this small space. Your old chair sounds good though, faithful and still reliable after a long life. I would keep it to the end!
      Best wishes, Pete.


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