A Slow Week

It has been a very slow week of blogging. My reader has been almost devoid of inspirational posts, (save one or two) and views have been erratic too. It is that time of year, I suspect, when people are either recovering from holidays, or off on them. Blogging has its occasional ‘Marianas Trench’, when all seems becalmed, and too deep to get into.

I have a break coming up soon myself. We usually holiday once the children go back to school. Places are quieter, prices more reasonable, and visits less fraught with noise and crowds. Julie and I will be enjoying a sojourn away from Norfolk. A change of scene, perhaps a recharge of ‘batteries’. Time with friends, and reclaiming past places. It has been a long time since we have done anything like this, and there is the associated excitement with places new, and undiscovered, as well as those comfortable, and familiar.

Ollie can come along too. We made sure of that. He needs a break from his routine, whether he understands that, or not.

So, if I don’t reply, or comment on posts with my customary zeal, you will appreciate why. I will give myself a little time away from e mails, and blogging, to see what life was like before I understood such things. Perhaps I will appreciate night skies, ice creams, and beaches, who knows? I may miss the buzz, and yearn to return. That’s a possibility.

In the meantime, I wish you all well, send you my regards, and my best wishes. See you all again soon. Pete.


9 thoughts on “A Slow Week

  1. Once in a while, a living soul just needs to take time for a refreshing breather. Enjoy your time off. I’m sure we’ll hear all about it when you return, as I know you like to document your experiences in life for the benefit and great pleasure of your readers, including me..


    1. I did notice your absence from the blog Gretchen, and presumed you were enjoying the return of hot weather, and some gardening. Good luck with looking after your Mum though, I will look forward to seeing your new posts as they appear.
      Bst wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hope you, Julie and Ollie have a wonderful time wherever you’re going and look forward to subsequent posts. You’re right in what you say, I’m way behind with posts too so my apologies and looking forward to catching up with your posts. Think it does the world of good to take a break from emails etc so enjoy, as Ollie will the ice creams! : )That Indian summer you predicted has arrived here. Best wishes as always from the NE, Jane x


    1. It does seem as if we will have that Indian Summer Jane. Let’s hope it lasts past the weekend, when we arrive in Kent. No problems with the blog at all, it is just one of ‘those times’.
      Best wishes from Norfolk as always, Pete. x


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