A Short Holiday

We are back today, from a short holiday in Kent. I must first apologise to all my friends and family in that area, or nearby. Sorry we did not visit you. We didn’t have a lot of time; Ollie was with us, and the weather was surprisingly good too. So, we decided to make the most of the few days available. It is surprising how much you can fit in to a short time, if you plan it right. We went as far east as the coast at Deal, taking in the delightful old town of Sandwich on the way. South took us as far as Rye, with a stop at Dymchurch, and a stroll on the beach at Camber Sands included. West was restricted to Tenterden, and the places on the way.

It was our first trip renting a self-catering cottage that allowed dogs. Ollie could come away too, and enjoy being with us for every adventure. He got up to the usual stuff; chasing rabbits and squirrels, and sniffing incessantly. This time though, he ventured into towns, had to get accustomed to traffic, and receiving the admiring attention of numerous passers-by. He behaved impeccably, and was no trouble at all. We could even take him into country pubs, to have meals in the evening, and he was never less than charming and well-mannered. He endured various car trips, short and long, without complaint, happy to be going along with us. He even joined us for the evening celebration of our fifth wedding anniversary this week, though he did forget to give us a card!

Regular readers will be well-aware of my constant complaints, even carping on, about the weather. No complaints this time, you will be pleased to hear, as it was very pleasant all week. Traffic was also reasonably light everywhere, and our trips here and there were remarkably stress-free. It has been some time since we had a holiday of any kind, so it was extra pleasing to have a trouble-free stay. In fact, it all went so well, that we are certain to try it all again, next year. Not having to concern ourselves about the dog was such a nice change, and it was good for him not to be left with friends, however nice, and caring, they might be. There are some downsides to canine companionship that have to be considered though. We were very close to Leeds Castle, one of Kent’s best attractions. However, no dogs are allowed, so we couldn’t go there. This also applies to many formal gardens, castles, and other places of interest. Luckily, it was never an issue for us, and we found plenty to do.

I returned to almost two hundred e mails, mostly blog-related, informing me of new posts on blogs that I follow. Sorry I have not been commenting, I will get around to it soon. Thanks to the few of you who sent personal e mails, making sure that all was well. It was nice to be missed. As for my own blog, stats show that absence definitely decreases viewing. More proof that a happy blog needs to be well-tended, and fed with posts or articles. I will hopefully be back up to speed soon, and welcome back my absent readers. During the week away, I saw very little TV, and did not log on to my blog once. I only sent one e mail, a personal one, from Julie’s tablet. It has been my biggest break from the keyboard for over two years. I am sure it was necessary, and it will prove to have been a rewarding one. I hope to return inspired and enthused, and carry on a little better than before.

20 thoughts on “A Short Holiday

  1. We usually take our dog with us when going on holidays, unless it’s abroad. She enjoys everything and for us, it feels like we are seeing thing from a different perspective. This year we even managed to visit a private garden, he only restriction being to have the dog on a leash (there were ducks and chickens roaming in the garden, so you can imagine the havoc that a dog could have wrecked). Enjoy the after-holiday glow (yes, I believe there is such a thing) and start writing your blog!


  2. Sounds an idyllic trip Pete, and all the better from being able to take Ollie and the sunshine. What a treat for Ollie sharing the trip. The UK seems to be becoming more dog friendly, we were at Craster on the NE coast lunching in the Jolly Fisherman beer garden, Lily with us enjoying socialising with about 10 other dogs! Hope all well and look forward to new posts. Very best wishes, Jane x


    1. Thanks Gretchen. It was a good re-charge of the batteries, but it is back to the real world now! Got some serious pruning of hedges, as well as decorating to do. I feel the need to ‘gird my loins’ for action!
      Best wishes as always, Pete.

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  3. I hope you got a good Deal on that Rye Sandwich in Dymchurch! Oh wait…

    The place names over there (WAY over there!) are certainly interesting, and I’m glad the weather cooperated. Kudos to Ollie. We had a bit of rain here on Monday, so that was definitely a blessing, as the clouds around here are typically stingy, and don’t even visit us all that often. I haven’t been on a vacation in years, but the Las Vegas area almost compensates for that with its scenic beauty and natural diversity (Lake Mead, Colorado River, The Wetlands, Mojave Desert valleys, and the heavily forested Spring Mountain range).

    I’m looking forward to more beetleypete blog posts.

    And this is off the subject, but I must scold you for introducing me to Kate Bush. I’m obsessed with her early videos now, especially Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Army Dreamers, Sat in her Lap, Running Up That HIll, and Them Heavy People, but also, to a lesser extent, with The Man with the Child in His Eyes, Suspended in Gaffa, and The Sensual World. My favorite video is Them Heavy People because, apart from the catchy music and fun goings-on, Kate is so amazingly theatric in it. Anyway, I may have to seek professional help to bust my cloud, and drain it of my addiction, because I just don’t think I can manage Kate Bush withdrawal syndrome (KBWS) on my own!

    Pete, I’m glad you’re back. Best regards to Julie, Kate, and Ollie. (Woops! Scratch Kate off that list!)


    1. Hi David. Rye and Sandwich are very old places, once part of the Cinque Ports. Sandwich, as in The Earl of Sandwich, is where the snack gets its name from. Funnily enough, Julie did have a rye bread sandwich in Sandwich! If you look the towns up on Google Images, you will see the attraction.

      As for Kate Bush, she studied modern dance and mime under Lindsay Kemp, and was always very theatrical in style. She managed to attract some good people for her videos too. Donald Sutherland is in ‘Cloudbusting’. I am pleased to have introduced you to her work.
      Best wishes from England as always, Pete.


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