Significant Songs (35)

And I Am Telling You

I have never been someone to deny my feminine side, and I can appreciate a power ballad as much as the next person. I love a Torch Song too, though I don’t often go for songs from musicals. There are some exceptions though, and this is most definitely one of them. In 1981, ‘Dreamgirls’ opened on Broadway to generally positive reviews. It eventually received world-wide recognition, and was made into a film of the same name in 2006. The stellar cast of the film included Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, and the talented newcomer, Jennifer Hudson. The theatrical production is still touring to this day; a testament to how good it is.

The story is a thinly-disguised biopic of The Supremes, with Beyonce in the ‘role’ of Diana Ross, and Jennifer Hudson playing a character similar to Mary Wilson. The largely black cast of both stage and screen adaptations give their all, with the result that even the film feels like a stage show. The music covers many styles, and is all quite good. However, one song literally steals the show. Realising that her lover is deserting her for her best friend, Effie (Jennifer Hudson in the film) pleads with him not to go, in the form of this spine-tingling song. Covered by almost every female singer I could name (and by many men too), the definitive version is performed by Jennifer Holliday, from the Broadway production. However, the clip of this is not great, so I am offering the Jennifer Hudson version, from the 2006 film. For anyone who has ever had a broken heart. Tissues at the ready.

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