Significant Songs (37)

Chasing Pavements

Following her arrival on the music scene in the UK in 2006, Adele Adkins has become a household name here, and an international star to boot. This singer-songwriter from a South London suburb is only 26 years old, and is already assured a place in the record books. She has won six Grammys, two Brit awards, and a host of other accolades and plaudits. She has sold millions of her recordings, either on CD or download, and has equalled or exceeded many statistical records, even those of The Beatles. She has even been awarded both a Golden Globe, and an Oscar, for her James Bond theme song ‘Skyfall’, and her career appears to be unstoppable.

Her talent is undeniable. She doesn’t trade on unusually good looks, or a slim figure, like so many of her contemporaries. Her success is based on a wonderful vocal range, and amazingly memorable songs, that appeal to all ages, and different groups of fans. If you live in the UK (or perhaps even the USA) you cannot fail to have heard one or other of her songs played on the radio. She has only released two albums so far, called ’19’, and ’21’, after the age she was at time of recording. The second CD contained the huge hits ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Rolling In The Deep’, and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’. Her style has been variously described as ‘Jazzy’, ‘Bluesy’, and even ‘Country’. Most of her songs are about heartbreak, failed relationships, and disappointments in life. Perhaps that is why everyone can relate to them, wherever they are from.

My selection is the second single release from her debut album. I heard it on the radio, saw the video on TV, and was immediately impressed by this talented newcomer, with her English accent, and ‘ordinary’ looks. I bought the CD the next day.


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