A Blogging frame of mind

Do you ever feel that you are not in the right frame of mind for blogging? There is no shortage of ideas. I have three posts in draft, and a fair bit going on to write about. There is also a long list of ‘Significant Songs’ waiting to be written up, and plenty of themed ideas to send to external film websites for publication. But it just isn’t happening.

Maybe it’s the changeable weather. Storms one minute, sunny afternoons the next. Perhaps it is because I have finally got busy in the garden, and managed a few jobs out there, all of which have either made me feel worn out, or given me muscle pains. I can’t blame it on lack of time though. After all, I am sitting here now, writing this. Does Blogging require a certain feeling, a positive approach, and some structure? Or is it as it should be, written fast as the ideas come, all from the heart, not the head.

I have experienced a kind of seasonal malaise in the past. That time after summer, anticipating winter, with Christmas in between. It is a strange time, only exceeded in strangeness by the doldrums of January and February. Grey skies and rain, seemingly not conducive to anything productive. I am at the keyboard, the ideas are there, the experiences awaiting description, recollections and tales fill the mind. Yet nothing appears, save a post about not posting anything.

Is it just me, or do we all feel like that sometimes?


19 thoughts on “A Blogging frame of mind

  1. You’re not alone Pete. Sometimes thoughts come when it is so inconvenient for you to write. I now have a thought box with cut papers inside and a pen. There are times though that you feel so inspired and blogging is easy.


  2. Your subconscious is most likely working behind the scenes, inhibiting your conscious mind, restraining it, until it has properly stoked your mental energies, and prepared the mental routes in your brain that must be followed in order for your thoughts to “go deep” in order to express themselves in the best possible way.

    I was stumped for several days on how to write a scene in my new book, and, based on experience, wisely set it aside in my mind rather than futilely rack my brain. Yesterday, as I awoke in bed, the solution to my dilemma popped into mind with clarity. My subconscious, once again, had come to the rescue.

    Pete, if you don’t have the urge to blog right now, don’t fight it. The urge will return. Your subconscious knows the blog is important to you. It’s working on the problem, and will let you know when it’s time to get back to work.


  3. I felt like this a few weeks ago. I had lots of things to write about, but just couldn’t ‘be bothered’. I started drafts, then couldn’t decide which photos to use, so didn’t continue. Then after selecting the photos it took me days to get around to editing them for the blog. I have no idea why I felt do lethargic. I have just had a rush of creating posts for my flower blog, but the travel one has slowed down. I need to go travelling 🙂


  4. Sometimes, no matter how much you focus, words don’t mean anything. I think it’s the best time to watch something funny, go through silly pictures and laugh with your loved ones -pets included!

    I am often amazed at how much we read and write, and that’s true for most people, irrespective of them being authors. I too get blogging fatigue, so don’t worry, it happens to anyone!


  5. Wel, I can identify with this Pete…usually when there’s too much going on in life, or I’m stressed, or I’m ‘in limbo’ waiting for things to be done by others….this would seem the ideal time, when I have some time, but because my mind isn’t relaxed it doesn’t happen. 😦


    1. Thanks Sue, I get that.
      I have posted similar things to this before. It isn’t that I am really searching for answers, just kind of explaining why not much is happening on my blog.
      As my Nan might have said, ‘It’s your age dear’.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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