Do moles go on holiday?

For all we know, October may well be the month when moles take their seasonal break. Perhaps they have ancient networks of tunnels, tried and tested over generations, to guide them to exotic locations away from their daily haunts. It might even coincide with a seasonal growth in the worm population; moles arriving from all over, ready for the annual feast, like Germans heading off to ‘Octoberfest’.

I ask this question as our mole seems to have gone. I fear that it is not a permanent departure though, and that he/she will be back, to take advantage of the network of tunnels excavated below the patio. I have a vision of our mole preparing to depart, filling up on some napping grubs, instinct giving the right direction of travel. Research tells me that they are solitary animals, but I suspect that somewhere there is a place of mole congregation, where the mole equivalent of saving sunbeds with towels carries on. They have a chance to meet up with others of their kind; discuss tunnel-digging techniques, perhaps flirt with attractive moles, and become excitable after too many worms.

I heard recently that our next-door-but-one neighbour has a new mole problem, and had called in an expert. This was around the time that our mole appeared to have stopped digging. Perhaps they only go on local short-breaks.


10 thoughts on “Do moles go on holiday?

  1. Pete, I’m wondering if the mole hasn’t simply moved to the garden of your “next-door-but-one neighbour,” since the announcement of his presence there seems to coincide with the apparent abandonment of your property. Perhaps he is constructing a network throughout the neighbourhood? Of course, I am assuming the mole is a “he,” and that his ambitions are limited. But perhaps you are dealing with Mole Flanders. If so, she has some big journeys on her mind, including a trip to America. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled moles yearning to breathe free…”


    1. That was my contention David, when I spoke of the mole having a ‘short break’ nearby. I just hope that he/she finds enough sustenance to make them forget about moving back to our place!
      Best wishes,Pete.


    1. I trust you are feeling better as I write this Sarah. I am concerned if you are unwell.
      There will be many more mole stories, I have no doubt. I am pleased that you enjoyed this one, and wish you good health very soon.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


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