An unexpected absence

I haven’t been around for a while, so I very much appreciate the contact during my absence, which was unavoidable.

I finally relented, and got around to decorating the small spare room that we call ‘the office’. I still have to do some tidying tomorrow, clearing up areas that I missed, and finishing the cleaning and clearing. In the meantime, I have managed to uncover the PC, that has lain idle for some time, surrounded by a plastic sheet. I would like to say that it has been a pleasurable experience, but that would be a lie. Crawling around on the floor, mounting step-ladders, and applying paint, has never been something that I find remotely rewarding.

At least this means that my new office will be up and running by the weekend, which is a positive step. I just wish that I hadn’t had to wear myself to a frazzle, to make this happen. So, back to normal soon, thanks for waiting. Pete.

13 thoughts on “An unexpected absence

    1. We have just set up the desk and got the shelving units in tonight Jane. I am typing this at a desk fit for the chairman of the board. It’s nice to get off the floor!
      Best wishes as always, Pete. x


  1. Decorating is really hard work… mother seemed to spend years steaming off paper and cutting and lining it up. It’s never funny when you’re doing it, but look at how many British sitcoms have relied on a decorating scene!


  2. I’m glad to hear that you have completed your project. I look forward to reading more blog entries very soon! I have done very little work inside my house, but have done some landscaping (small patios; yard gravel; tree planting). Recently, I was asked by the HOA (homeowners’ association) to clean up some ancient oil stains in the driveway. I complied, but pinched a nerve, and suffered from a very sore back for a week. The body just doesn’t cooperate as well as it used to….


  3. The thing I hate about redecorating is everything you’ve mentioned. The thing I like is the moment when it all comes together and there’s an ahhhhhhh moment and I’m glad I made the effort. Hope your ahhhhhhh moment comes soon!


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