Quiet day, quiet night

I wasn’t very busy today. I got up quite late, and soon after, made some breakfast for us both. After checking e mails, and perusing my blog, I got ready to take Ollie out. For some unknown reason, I ran a bit late, and it was almost 3 pm by the time we left. For a change of scene, I took Ollie to the recreation ground, over by Beetley Village Hall. There was no sport being played today, and the place was deserted. Ollie likes the woods that fringe the pitches, as they are home to lots of squirrels. However, after two hours walking around in circles, not one squirrel had appeared to be chased. They were obviously having a quiet day too.

Returning via High House Road, we bumped into a dog-walking friend going in the other direction. She asked me about the Vet in Swaffham that we have changed to, and I gave her the details. I walked Ollie back along Elmham Road, where the verges are so wide, he doesn’t have to get too near the much-feared main road. Everywhere was very peaceful. We only saw two cars, and no other people. Once home, I got the ladder out of the shed, and went into the loft. Next week, we are taking lots of baby stuff over to Julie’s daughter, who is expecting in November. It has been stored in the loft for months, and I wanted to get it down when she was there to check off what needs to be taken.

I then prepared the evening meal, a traditional roast, and Julie spoke to one of her sons on the telephone. It was all very normal, a typical Sunday. Later on, we watched some TV, mostly things we had previously recorded. At 8.30 pm, a car drove past on the dark street outside, and we looked at each other, somewhat surprised. It is indicative of how quiet life is here, that the passing of a single car after dark can be a cause for remark. Julie stayed up quite late, something she will no doubt regret tomorrow, when her alarm goes off at 6.30 am.

It is now 1.50 am on Monday, as I type this. I haven’t heard a sound since that car passed all those hours ago, unless you count the increasingly strengthening wind. The view from the window is as black as ink, not a chink of light anywhere. Beetley has long ago closed down for the night, and I am guessing that it’s going to be another quiet one.


8 thoughts on “Quiet day, quiet night

  1. I would have loved to had a chilled Sunday with a roast dinner but it was a typical working day in soho and the westend. In my late teens to my mid twenties I used to find Sunday boring. Now I look forward to any weekend off and a lazy Sunday.


    1. I used to find that a Sunday off was a bit dull too, at least when I was on shifts. I like it now though. It has that comfortable feeling, nostalgia, slow-cooked dinner, and no pressure to do anything.
      Shame you had to work. On day Jimmy, one day….
      Best wishes from Norfolk, Pete.

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  2. Although Las Vegas is a 24-hour town bustling with life, not only on the Strip but elsewhere as well, our little neighborhood, which is located a mere 2.9 miles / 4.67 km from Las Vegas Boulevard (we are due west of Luxor and Mandalay Bay), is remarkably quiet. Of course, we can see the Luxor Sky Beam (the strongest beam of light in the world) at night, but even so, darkness blankets our small grid of streets. We are within reasonable walking distance of 32-acre Charlie Frias Park (0.8 miles / 1.23 km), and also have a flood channel running alongside the neighborhood that is part of the extensive urban trail system. Obviously, in view of our proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, it is some distance to the “wild and woolly” Mojave Desert (roughly 12-13 miles / 19-21 km). We are half an hour away by car.

    As for my day, it was primarily devoted to music, as I officially declared with SACEM my authorship of two new songs during a Skype session with Chris Almoada (I will share the lyrics at some future date), and also attended to some promotional activities.

    With respect to your post, I will say that I am impressed by the fact that you renovate rooms (specifically, the new office), tend to the garden (former mole habitat), walk Ollie (aka, “squirrel chaser”), and cook meals (such as “roast beast,” as they would say in Whoville). Of course, you also write great blog essays! You may have quiet moments, but you certainly are busy!


    1. That seems to be the thing about Las Vegas David, at least to someone who has never been. Once away from the busy strip, nature takes over again, and peace rules. Glad to hear that you had a musical Sunday.
      Very best wishes, Pete.


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