Significant Songs (45)

This Head I Hold

Here is an unusual modern entry into the series of significant songs. The significance is tenuous at best, and based on some very average things. It is nonetheless significant, as I literally cannot get it out of my head.
I was watching an advert on TV. It was for the Swedish home products company, IKEA. It had a catchy theme song accompanying it, and after a while, I decided to find out about that song. I had always thought that it might be a female vocalist, and given the company, a Swedish group. It was neither. The song was performed by an American group from Los Angeles, Electric Guest, and as recently as 2012. The singer, Asa Taccone, was definitely male, and the jazzy feel, combined with the fresh sound from a modern band of young men, made it stand out from the crowd.
I impulsively bought the CD, ‘Mondo’, that contained this track. As with a lot of recordings, this one was definitely the standout, no doubt why it was released as a single. However, the CD contained some other very interesting songs, and gave indication of serious talent.
Since used in another advert, this time for Ford Cars, it has obviously gained the interest of marketing gurus; and despite never appearing in the UK charts, the band has a small cult following.
Mainly, it is the mind-bothering nature of the track; the falsetto vocal, the insistent drums, that keeps it firmly rooted in my mind. That makes it significant, at least to me.
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