Sunny side up

Yet again, we are basking in glorious sunshine in Beetley, and enjoying temperatures around seventeen degrees. It is most unlike any October I can recall in recent years, so understandably welcome. It is unlikely to carry on like this for too long, so we are all making the best of it. The local children are on half-term break, so the park and playground areas are full of youngsters enjoying games of football, or using the swings and climbing frames. More dogs than ever are appearing over the meadow, and us dog-walkers are enjoying being able to stroll around without the encumbrance of heavy coats and boots. It feels very much like an unexpected bonus to the year, which of course is exactly what it is. So it is great to see everyone around here who is able to make best use of it, doing just that. Out earlier today with Ollie, we saw different people, and unknown dogs; not our usual afternoon crowd. I had to make an earlier start on our walk, so I would be sure to be home when our visitors arrive later

We have the extra pleasure of company this week. Julie’s oldest son is coming to stay today, with his girlfriend. They don’t often get a chance to make it this far, due to work commitments, so it will be very nice to see them. The visit has spurred us into some welcome extra house-cleaning and tidying. As a result, the whole place is nice and fresh, and as clean as a new pin. Add that to the bright weather, and a much better mood is guaranteed.

I have written before about low winter sun, and now we have low autumn sun. Despite being most welcome, it also has its drawbacks. It is so bright in the living room for most of the day, that it is actually hard to see properly. Short of wearing sunglasses indoors, I have to move the curtains around, to shield the room from the harshest light. Forget watching TV, using a smartphone, or computer in the early part of the day; the reflection on the screens makes it almost impossible. Driving has to be taken carefully too, as the sun creeps well below the fitted visors in our cars.

I know that this is a somewhat homely, and personal post. It is just to remind me, when I look back on it in the future, that we often had very nice weather, and that I wasn’t always moaning! I hope it’s nice where you are.


21 thoughts on “Sunny side up

  1. Pete,

    My only contact with English Village Life (sounds like a magazine, doesn’t it?) is through your writing, which even when I read about the cold and rain you make sound attractive.

    A brief weather report from Southern California: I am looking out the window on a bright blue sky with a wonderful shining Sun. Predicted high today is about 88F [31C]. What we really need is some of that English rain here – desperately. We are cooling down at night, if that is any consolation.

    Hope you are smiling and having a wonderful day.



    1. Not great here Phil, although I am smiling! Only 2 degrees (C) last night, and a best of around 9 today, with a cold wind. The central heating is going on…
      Best wishes from that village life. Pete.


  2. Weather in Athens: it has been raining for the past week (non-stop, to be clear) and it’s grey today. Temperatures in the low 10s (Celsius). I suddenly feel I want to move to the UK for the weather. As for low autumn sun, what is this ‘sun’ you keep talking about?

    Actually, I’m enjoying the weather; it’s autumny and it helps me realize the change in seasons. Add to that the fact that I can stay at home and write without feeling that ‘it’s so lovely outside, I should go for a walk’. Plus, an added bonus: in Greece, you always know that the sun will shine at some point, and that’s a certainty.

    Keep writing, love your posts!


    1. Thanks Nicholas. I am sure that you enjoy a lot more sunshine than we ever do in the UK, otherwise not so many people would be heading there for holidays. It is just a seasonal aberration, and not the norm. At least you are able to have a good reason to keep writing at the moment.
      Glad that you enjoyed this one. Your comments are always much appreciated.
      Best wishes from (a not so sunny today) Norfolk. Pete.

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  3. I got caught out by the low sun driving back from the MiL. Driving up a hill – the sun was level with the road and I couldn’t anything! Very scary! Note to self: set off earlier.


  4. October is the perfect month in Las Vegas. Over the next several days, for example, the temps will range from 25 to 28 Celsius, and that should hold well into November. it doesn’t really get “cold” here until mid-December. The trees here in the valley are still green, and will remain so for another few weeks. Rain is a rarity in the fall months, so it’s a great time to get out for a pleasant walks in the sun. At night, when the desert rapidly loses its daytime heat, a light jacket or sweater is perhaps advised. Pete, I’m glad to hear you are having fine autumn weather in Beetley, and hope it lasts for a while longer.


    1. I hope that it lasts too David, though experience tells me that it will not. I am envious of your late summer in Nevada, though I wouldn’t really want the heat in July and August.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


    1. The truth is Arlene, that I already have little space left in the cupboards, and on the shelves. And there are still many boxes to go through yet! I have been putting it off this weekend, but must start again later this week.
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


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