Vielen Dank

I hope that I got this right. It should be ‘Many Thanks’, in German.

When I checked my blog dashboard this evening, I discovered a message from WordPress. It told me that my ‘stats are booming.’ (Their phrase) I looked at the figures, and sure enough, I have had my best day for views at beeleypete, since starting this blog, in 2012. One thing confused me though. Despite high viewing figures, visitor numbers were average, and the same as I might see on any day. The breakdown by country gave the answer. Someone in Germany has been reading my blog today. They have been reading it a lot. So far 78 posts, and still going.
Single-handed, they have doubled what was already a pretty good day, especially for a Sunday, which is usually a quiet day in my neck of the woods. I have no idea what they are reading, but stats show that it is mostly archive posts. I am now imagining someone in Germany, male or female, with a lot of time on their hands today. Enough time to read sufficient words to fill a small book, and presumably, in a second language too.
So, mysterious German blogger, I say ‘Thank You’. For your time, your effort, and your full day of dedication to my blog. More than just increasing my ‘views’, you have put a smile on my face.


15 thoughts on “Vielen Dank

  1. There is a simple explanation for this my dear friend..They have found a treasure within your posts and words you use to fill each one with a part of you that is pure, delightful and honest…

    Take care, and keep them coming… πŸ™‚ Laura πŸ™‚


  2. Hello Pete, yes, that`s right! Thank you. Now I have a smile on my face!
    I`m a friend of Arne and I read your comments in his blog. And so I found your blog. Since I was cold at home I had plenty of time! πŸ™‚
    Sorry my english is not so good and I must otherwise use google translator.
    Best wishes from a mysterious German!

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    1. Irene, it is wonderful to ‘meet’ you! And it is great to discover who my ‘mysterious German’ is!
      Thank you very much for reading so many posts on my blog, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I hope that you found some things to enjoy, and that you will come back, to read other posts. If you have a blog, please let me have a link. If not, start one! I am sorry that I cannot reply in German, but as we both know Arne so well, I have no doubt he will be happy to translate.
      Thanks again, and best wishes from England. Pete. x

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