Strange Days

The last couple of days have been unseasonal, and a little unsettling. After a long walk with Ollie on Sunday, I felt relaxed and well-exercised. We had gone a little further than usual, across the Holt Road, and up to the disused railway tracks. Ollie was excited. He hadn’t been this way much during the summer, as there are herds of livestock to consider. It was unusually warm. After ten minutes or so, I unwrapped my scarf, and opened my coat. I was feeling quite uncomfortable after thirty minutes, and sat to rest on a lonely bench, enjoying the view in bright sunshine, across to Old Beetley, and beyond.

On the return trip, I waded the river to cross to Beetley Meadows. There were lots of dog-walkers, despite the fact that it was approaching 4 pm. Ollie was very happy to see so many dogs, and ran around playing with a Labrador. Very soon, old friends arrived, and before too long, there was a large group of dogs and owners, all chatting about the unexpectedly good weather. Hearing a loud noise in the sky, we looked up. Huge formations of geese were flying in perfect chevrons. Line after line, numbering into the hundreds, crossed our point of view, heading south-east. Some were honking noisily, as if ordering the others to keep pace. They flew with a purpose, wings flapping rapidly. Those geese had not been fooled by this late Indian Summer, and they were still heading south for winter.

Not long after arriving home, my head began to itch. It was unrelenting, and caused me to scratch like a madman. I could feel lots of small bumps on the top of my head, and it didn’t take long to identify them as midge bites. These flying blood-suckers are normally long gone by the first week in October. Yet here we are, the second week of November, and I have a dozen itchy bites on my head. It is a strange time indeed, and the weather is playing tricks on us. Even today, after dressing in a heavy coat, to combat what seemed to be a chill wind, I was soon too hot. Despite the obvious cold wind, warm sun won the day, and I felt myself getting hot as we walked around the Meadows.

If this is Global Warming, I am more than happy with it. I just have to remember the insect repellent.


8 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Good to hear you are having some pleasant weather.
    After a run of overnight frosts about 10 days ago, killing off anything with teeth, we have started to enjoy similar weather to yours. 17 C yesterday with the proceeding week much the same. I’m informed that these are record temperatures, for this part of Poland, by my ever present weather app on the laptop, so we are enjoying it whilst we can. Winter is coming.


    1. Winter is undoubtedly hiding round a corner somewhere, waiting to give us a nasty shock Eddy! Record temperatures everywhere, it seems. Let’s hope we don’t experience the opposite, with record cold…
      All the best mate, Pete.


  2. It has been a virtually bugless summer here at my residence. I put out some traps last year and perhaps they did the trick. Or perhaps the cold freezes last winter are to blame. In any event, I’ve enjoyed the vacation away from bugs. Out in the desert, of course, there aren’t many bugs at all. Over at The Wetlands, however, bugs abound, especially those midges you talk about. I’ve come home with bumps on my head, too, and it usually takes two or three days for the itch to go away. The weather here in Southern Nevada has been very nice (23 C). I went for a nice brisk walk this afternoon, and worked up a little sweat. Obviously, I would hope that global warming spares my neck of the cactus. It’s warm enough already, thank you very much!


    1. Good to hear that the biters are still around somewhere else too David.
      That 23 degrees sounds very pleasant indeed, a nice contrast to the high temperatures you told me about during the summer.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


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