Goodbye Mole

After many weeks of mole posts, I have to let you know that Mr/Mrs Mole seems to have departed the garden of beetleypete. True to her word, the Mole Lady collected her traps, and levied no charge. We are now almost four weeks clear of mole disturbance, and the lawn is molehill free. Whatever was going on under the patio has ceased, and Ollie is snuffling no more, in search of furry tunnelers.

I may be presumptuous in my farewells, but as it stands, we have to assume that the mole has left for worm-pastures new. I cannot say that I am sorry to see the back of this velvety varmint. The damage was substantial, and the grassed areas are yet to fully recover. As for the paved areas, time will tell if damage needs to be corrected.

I saw my next-door neighbour recently, the one to the west. He was over at the play area with his small children, and he approached me. He asked if I had experienced any problems with moles. I told him the lengthy and sorry tale of our mole experience, and our efforts to eradicate it. He informed me that his once pristine lawn was now a shadow of its former self. Molehills had appeared in abundance, and despite setting a trap, he had been unable to catch the culprit. He was most concerned, as his lawn had been a picture, after a few years of hard work, and diligent attention to the grass.

I had to conclude that his house was now home to ‘our’ mole. It must have moved sideways, after exhausting the food in our poor soil, and trying to avoid the numerous traps installed by the Mole Lady. I wished him well with his efforts, but in truth, could offer little positive advice. I managed a contented sigh of relief, that our mole had chosen to relocate. Someone else’s problem is always theirs.

Goodbye Mole. Don’t hurry back…


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Mole

    1. The irony is that the soil is poor here Arlene. The area is famous for gravel pits, so it is all very stony and sandy in this region. Hopefully, he will not return, but we can never be certain!
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


  1. Let’s hope it stays that way! I feel a bit sorry for the poor moles though, it’s not their fault that people grow pristine lawns above their heads, they just seek the worms and beetles. Maybe that’s it – you need to get rid of the beetles in Beetley 🙂


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