Holding my Breath

I rarely re-blog anything, but I couldn’t resist this film found on Jean Reinhardt’s blog. It is a cut above the average You Tube clip, and filmed to cinema standards. The next time you are congratulating yourself after a difficult cycling commute, have a look at this!

Jean Reinhardt

I was trying to finish a chapter I had spent the morning writing, when I began to run out of steam, so I needed something to shake me up and get the juices flowing again. Where else would I find that only on Youtube. I never realized I could hold my breath for seven and a half minutes. That’s how long this video plays for. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, too.

Danny Macaskill: ‘The Ridge’

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6 thoughts on “Holding my Breath

  1. I saw the video and I had to hold my breath! Absolute madness! I was looking for the music in the web. And I found Martyn Bennett. So sad that he must gone so early. The music is wonderful. Now I`m hearing his music on youtube in infinite loop 🙂 ! Thank you!


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