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In the margins of most blogs, including mine, you may have noticed lists. They might be called ‘blogs that I follow’, or ‘Community’. These include those who follow my blog, as well as those who comment; and of course, the blogs followed by the blogger concerned. (In this case, me) I do not follow many blogs, by blogging standards, I am very choosy. I avoid following everyone who follows me, as very often, their motives are suspect. I prefer to wait a while, give it some time, and see whether or not they are genuine. So many so-called followers are just selling ideas and services, you have to be picky.

One of the problems faced by bloggers is exposure. And by this, I mean the correct exposure, not just aimless re-blogs, likes, or follows. You have to sort the wheat from the chaff, and decide who is serious, and who is just along for the ride. As I rarely re-blog other articles, I thought that I would begin this series of recommendations instead. I would like to promote some of the blogs that I follow, explain why I follow them, and hopefully spread the word about their blogs. To do this, I will add links. These may not always be to their best posts, but please explore, and hopefully find something you will like. I have not forewarned these innocent bloggers, to make sure that they do not manicure their blogs in advance. Please take some time to follow the links, and explore something different. I am sure that you will find it rewarding.

I have not included everyone, as I will do a follow-up later. To those of you missed out now, have no fear. You will appear at some stage.

Lucy is a young woman, residing in Norfolk, not too far from where I live. She has a comfortable life, and a relatively privileged lifestyle. Financially comfortable, and supported by her parents, her life is one of horses, good schools, music, orchestras, and foreign travel. She also enjoys exploring this island, accompanied by her boyfriend, G. Yet there is so much more to discover. She has recently embarked on a programme of voluntary work. She has been living on a reduced diet, and working to raise awareness of food poverty in the UK, and the need for Food Banks. More power to her, for realising how lucky she is, and trying to do something about those less fortunate. Her thoughts and ideas, as well as some very good photos, can be explored here.

Are you interested in painting, art, and poetry? Do you like to relish excellent prose, literally taste it in your mouth, and lose yourself in wonderful articles, sumptuously illustrated? Is history your thing, and especially history as it relates to art, drama, and painting? Pippa writes this blog as well as anything ever written. There is talent, alongside passion, as well as real intelligence, and an understanding of what matters. There are few finer blogs on the Internet, and I do not make this claim lightly. Educate yourself, examine your hidden cultural desires, and just relish the excellence.

David Miller is an accomplished American. He is a published author, fluent French speaker, and composer of song lyrics. He is also a dedicated compiler of Limericks; these days, a forgotten art. He loves film and cinema. as well as exploring his chosen abode, Nevada, and the deserts around Las Vegas. A former teacher, he has a lot to say, and it all makes sense. He has so much to offer. A lifetime of experience, foreign travel, unbiased opinions, and a lot of knowledge about many things. Nice photos too.
Please check out his writing here.

I confess that I love history. If you share that love, and seek the quirky, the unusual, or just the basics, you could do no better than to look here. Everything from poets to graveyards, Bourbons to Fascisti, no stone is left unturned. If you want to know about plague pits in London, or swords discovered in Russia, it is all here. How about Greek military formations? Covered. Waterloo? Early medicine? All here. The inimitable Sarah Vernon, a lady of great wit and education, former actress, current writer, and Cretan ex-pat, delivers every day, without compromise. She also has some amazing personal connections throughout history, that just serve to further sweeten an already sweet pill. Give it a go. I guarantee that you will be hooked. i know that I was.

If you enjoy travelogues, and like to see accompanying photos, Jude has it all. She has been there, done that, and taken a photo of it. Currently residing in the UK, though perhaps not for ever, she relates her tales of travel with detail and direction, and the photos that accompany the posts tell the story as well. In case you missed it. She is one of my original and oldest blogging friends, and supplies me with considered criticism on my own blog, as well as loyalty and a consistency that has no price. Join her on her travels here.

OK. That’s five to get you going. Lots more to come, as I currently follow almost thirty blogs. Check them out, and see what you think. Why not follow them? It’s not difficult, and costs nothing. And you might find something to enjoy. My blogging world would be a smaller and and darker place without my friends.
So, spread the word.


14 thoughts on “Spreading the word

  1. Pete, I only just saw this! Thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog and my photographs; it means a lot to be supported in such a way. I’m really looking forward to checking out the other blogs mentioned here too, so many thanks for introducing them.
    Hoping you are well,


    1. Your hard work on FNH, and your other excellent blogs shines through with their wit and wisdom Sarah. I look forward to more, historical as well as cultural.
      Very best wishes as always. Pete.


  2. My cheeks burned when I reached the paragraph with my name in it – I am humbled by your appreciation, particularly because I suspect I haven’t got any more to blog about! You bring principled government and unvarnished truth to the blogging world, which would be dangerously unbalanced without you. The rest of us are lucky that you have a talent for engaging with other people’s writing and ideas. I endorse everything you say about Sarah Vernon and her blogs, and look forward to looking at your other recommendations. Thank you, Pete!


    1. It is all sincere Pippa, and very well deserved. If you have nothing else to blog about, I will be sorry. But you have already left a blogging legacy to be proud of.
      Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.


  3. Pete, I want to thank you for “spreading the word” about my blog. I do not post every day, because original limericks occupy the better part of my blog space, and they take time to compose. I would definitely welcome visitors, as well as any comments they might wish to make. I will also check out Lucy, Pippa, Sarah, and Jude. I think directing your readership to blogs you follow is an excellent idea!


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