Happy Thanksgiving

This is one holiday that we do not celebrate here in the UK. Just as well too, as it is far too close to Christmas for comfort. It therefore has no meaning whatsoever in Beetley, but I would not be so churlish as to forget my readers and followers from the USA. So, to all of you enjoying this peculiarly American festive occasion, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. My best wishes to you all. Pete.


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Great, Pete, how kind and thoughtful of you – we don’t celebrate this Holiday in Germany and Norway either, so I join in and wish Happy Thanksgiving as well. Have a wonderful time.
    Dina Xx


  2. Thanksgiving is the official kickoff of the Holiday Season, which ends on New Year’s Day. Christmas has become excessively commercialized, and has lost much of its religious context. New Year’s, for many, is nothing but a big drunken party. Thanksgiving is very much unlike those days. It’s the only family holiday with a heart (not to mention the rest of the giblets).


  3. I recently answered questions in a poll from a politician I like. One of the questions was do I think that Election Day should be a paid holiday and I answered Yes. The other question was what paid holiday would I exchange for Election Day and my answer was Thanksgiving. I’ve never enjoyed this holiday and you’re right, it’s way to close to Christmas and Christmas is enough.


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