An early start

We have something of an early start to our Christmas season today. Julie’s children are coming to see us, some with their partners. Because of work and social commitments, this was the only day that everyone could make it together. Unfortunately, as we both have heavy colds and coughs, it has been decided that the new grandson will not be coming along, so we will have to visit mum and baby on one of the other days, once the worst has passed. When you are feeling unwell, even a modest gathering seems like a lot of effort, but it will be worth it all, to have a nice family day.

It will be like having Christmas Day three days early, as we give them their presents, and enjoy a traditional turkey, with all the associated goodies. As with most things, although we don’t really feel up to it at the moment, I am certain that we will all enjoy ourselves once it gets under way, later this afternoon. Although it is dull today, it is unusually warm, so we will not need the log fire. That is ironic, after all the effort expended in getting it up and working, so it would be ready for Christmas. Despite a lot of time spent shifting and clearing leaves, very strong winds over the last three days have blown fresh piles all over. They have a life of their own, and we can hear them swirling and rustling outside.

Ollie is aware that something is going on. Julie is not working this week, and he is not used to having two of us around during the day. Constant trips to and from the outside shed to collect things make him think that he is about to go somewhere, so he is finding it hard to settle. He will be beside himself when everyone arrives, as he loves nothing more than to have lots of guests to play with. I will still have to take him out later of course, as he cannot miss his daily excursion. I could do without it today, but he doesn’t understand feeling ill, or having to get a lot of vegetables prepared.

For many of you, this is just a normal Monday. I hope that work isn’t too demanding, and that you have got all your food and presents ready in time for Thursday. I will be back on the blog soon, to wish you all a Merry Christmas.


14 thoughts on “An early start

  1. Sorry to hear you and Julie do not feel well, but I echo the comments of your other followers here in wishing you two a swift recovery, and, of course, I also look forward to future blog entries. Happy Holidays from Las Vegas!


    1. Thanks David. We still have coughs, and I don’t feel that great, but we are used to that, in a cold and damp English winter.
      Have a great time in a no doubt festive Las Vegas. Thanks for being a great friend to my blog, and outside of it too. Our best to you and Michelle.
      Pete and Julie.


    1. Thanks Olga. We are actually both still quite ill, but we didn’t let it spoil our family day yesterday. We will have a quiet time for the rest of the holiday, and hope that we feel better for New Year.
      Have a marvellous Christmas, and very best wishes. Pete. x


  2. Hope you are having a great day with the family Pete! Shame about the colds and coughs, more fitting to curl up next to that wood-burner than cook turkey!
    Have a lovely week with Julie and Ollie and I look forward to more tales from the country next year šŸ˜€
    Jude xx


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