A Christmas message

I noticed today that the only visitors to my blog are from countries other than the UK. Time differences make it more suitable for those who live in zones where Christmas has already been, or has yet to start.

To all readers and followers, I would like to send the beetleypete compliments of the season. Whatever your faith, or lack of it, and however you intend to (or have already) celebrate the season, I wish you well, and hope that you have an enjoyable time. Thinking of those spending this time alone, or those in difficulties, also made me think of those bloggers who have disappeared from the scene. I miss being able to read the thoughts and activities of so many fellow bloggers. Once part of this community, and no doubt many others too, they have chosen to no longer publish their writing, their photos, recipes, or marvellous stories. Some have simply decided to stop following my blog, and I respect that wish.

On the off-chance that they are still reading this blog occasionally, I send my regards to A, The Witch of Endor, Sophie, The British Chick Across The Pond, Tracey of Food and Forage Hebrides, A of needjustice, HJS7777 a busy student, Sue of sparaszczuster, and a good dozen more. They will know who they are. I hope that life is treating you all well, and that your desire to blog will return one day. To those new followers who have replaced them, I say not only ‘thank you’, but also send my appreciation for your likes and comments over the past year.

It has been a quiet and peaceful day in Beetley so far. After some early present opening, we enjoyed a traditional English breakfast. A few phone calls followed, and then I took Ollie out for a walk. He was fortunate to find one of his pals, Big Rocky, also enjoying a seasonal stroll. They had a good-natured tussle, which Rocky won. As Rocky is a Newfoundland, Ollie stood little chance of victory. We continued on to Gingerbread Corner, before a chill wind drove me home. Later this evening we will enjoy a roast duck, some wine, and perhaps a dessert. If we have room for it.

A pretty good Christmas Day, by my reckoning.


18 thoughts on “A Christmas message

    1. Thanks Olga, and to you too of course. Like you, I am not a great celebrant of Christmas.
      With no religious beliefs, and having a general dislike of our consumerist society, it is hard to participate in things that you do not believe in. Enjoy your break from the keyboard!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Enjoy the rest of the day Pete. Thinking of what to do with all the left-over food in the ref..hahaha! Will probably have the kare-kare for lunch and a slice of cake from Red Ribbon.


    1. I imagine that you have a lot more food to deal with than we have Arlene. Knowing your recipes, I expect you will conjure up some culinary delights. Have a great day.
      Best wishes from England, Pete.


  2. Excellent, Pete – roast duck was a frequent Christmas lunch choice at Schloss Judd, back in the days…. Anyway, today I had a very sociable lunch at friends, 9 of us for lunch – trad Turkey and some very nice Chambolle (one of my favourites, yippee). Followed by Christmas pud made by friends mum. So I’m a happy bunny! Best, Sue xx


  3. Roast duck! Now why didn’t I think of that? We had lamb (I’m still thinking of New Zealand), still drinking the accompanying merlot, and looking forward to dessert in a short while – frangipani and cherry tart with ice-cream! I may even run to an irish coffee – who knows!
    Jude xx


    1. We have lamb on Sunday, when Julie’s Mum and Brother come to visit. I hope that you enjoyed your Irish Coffee. I dropped off to sleep for an hour, after a bottle of Rioja!
      Regards as always, Pete. x


  4. “…roast duck, some wine, and perhaps a dessert.” That sounds like a very nice Christmas dinner. Winter has come to the Mojave Desert. Today’s high will only be 10.55 Celsius (51 F). But the sun is out, and I intend to go for a walk this afternoon. I won’t be roasting any ducks today, but if I go to the Wetlands or Sunset Park, I will chat with the ducks. Best wishes to you, Julie, Ollie, your extended family, and the fine folks of Beetley.


    1. Thanks David. I hope that you had a nice time. 51 sounds warm. It was only 2 degrees here. Tomorrow we call Boxing Day. Back to more or less normal, until we have more family visiting on Sunday.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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