Mr Magoo’s Keyboard

I got some nice presents this year. Nothing unusual there, as I generally do. However, as we are trying to keep down the piles of ‘stuff’, we both agreed that we would keep presents to a minimum this time, to save storing things in boxes that never get opened again. To make life easier, we both have a list that we tell each other about. I was well-overdue some of my preferred sheepskin bootees that serve as slippers, but couldn’t really think of much else that I needed.

I then spotted something in one of those catalogues that pop through the door now and again. It was a typewriter keyboard, but not as you would normally expect to see one. This had yellow keys, with bold black letters on them. The keys were 50% larger than normal, and boasted a ‘soft touch’ too. They also claimed a much quieter operation, and the obvious ability to type without undue eye strain. This looked pretty good to me, so as is my habit, I looked it up on Amazon. Sure enough, it was much cheaper, considerably so in fact. There were also reviews. They were mostly good ones, but many complained of the keyboard being difficult to set up, or not installing as it should.

I perused the device in detail. All the keys seemed to be in place, and more importantly, in the correct place. The enter/return key was smaller than usual, but obvious enough. Although I never use ‘multimedia’ keys, they were all there too. There was a separate number pad on the right, something I personally like. For those who don’t like this, conventional numbering is available on the top row, lower case. I could see the benefits of large letters and keys for my use. As I wear glasses to read, conventional white on black can be a trial at times, especially after a long session of typing on this blog, or writing e mails. So, I added this item to my requests for Christmas, and Julie kindly bought it for me.

A few minutes ago, I installed it on my PC, replacing the Amazon Basics keyboard that had served me well enough for some time now. Reading the short instructional leaflet, I turned off the computer, placed the usb connector into a suitable gap, and restarted the machine. Voila! It works. It is nice to type on, and very easy to see without resorting to additional lighting. This means that I can type in the office without the need for any lights on at all, lit only by the glow of the monitor. The keys are indeed soft touch, and reasonably quiet in operation. Since starting this post, I have only made three errors, as I get used to the larger keys. The scroll lock works fine, number lock operates, and the additional keys that control speaker volume and other functions all seem to be in order too. Short of a catastrophic failure at a later date, I can only say that I am very pleased.

If Mr Magoo needed a keyboard, this would be his purchase of choice.

It is not my habit to endorse products, but if you are interested, here’s a link.

And if you don’t know who Mr Magoo is, here’s a link to him. (He looks a bit like me)


5 thoughts on “Mr Magoo’s Keyboard

  1. Pete, that’s an interesting keyboard. I notice it’s a QWERTY, which is standard in the States. I really dislike my keyboard, not because some of the lettering is worn off (on my previous keyboard, nearly all of the lettering had disappeared, but since I can type blind, this was not an issue), but because the keys themselves aren’t reliable in terms of producing what I type. What I really want is one of those wireless keyboards (and a wireless mouse, too), as I sometimes send the keyboard crashing to the floor when one of my legs encounters the cable that extends out the back side of the slide-out shelf on which it sits.

    I am familiar with Mr. Magoo, and wonder if perhaps those cartoons are seen as politically incorrect these days. I hadn’t thought of any resemblance. I’ve been told I look a bit like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Mike Brady, and Weird Al Yankovic. I think I’d rather look like a cartoon character!


    1. I prefer the old qwerty keyboard, and can’t be doing with any of these new-fangled styles offered by Microsoft and Apple. I did consider wireless options, but as everything sits flat on a desk,wires are not that much of an issue.
      I have to agree that you do have the look of a younger Twain, and a slight resemblance to Mr Yankovich. However, I think that Einstein and Brady are a tad too extreme. My resemblance to Magoo only extends as far as eyesight problems, and not having much hair.

      Best wishes as always, Pete.


      1. I prefer the Mark Twain connection, as we have a few things in common. We both grew up in Missouri. We both have lived and worked in Nevada. We both like to travel, and have spent time in France. And we both write fiction with an emphasis on humor and satire. I agree that I resemble him more than the others. It’s true, though, that I did resemble Weird Al quite a bit when we were both young. But not so much anymore.


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