The Year of Blogging

Around this time of year, we all get our annual review from WordPress. It makes me feel a bit like I am back at school, anticipating exam results with some trepidation. Last year, I excitedly shared that report as a post on this blog. I will refrain from doing that again this year, but I will share some of the figures with you, at least those that were of interest to me.

I am told that I wrote 201 posts during 2014. It seemed like a lot more to me, but then I had to type them all. No doubt it felt like a few too many to my dear readers, who are sometimes overwhelmed by my output. There were 10,000 views during the year. Unfortunately, they do not give the number of viewers, but I am pretty sure that it was a lot less than that.

Once again, my most popular post was ‘The Driest County In England.’ This amuses me, as this post was written with my tongue firmly in my cheek, and nobody has ever left a comment on it, despite always holding the number one spot above posts that I consider to be actually worth reading. It just shows that many residents of this country are searching for somewhere dry, and given the terrible rains and floods this year, that is no surprise. Still, once they read that post, they can rest assured that they will find no deserts in Norfolk.

I had to wait until the week before Christmas to achieve my best ever day on this blog, with a total of 169 views. I am sure that many of you get that number before lunch, every day, but it meant quite a lot to me. I also got a lot of new followers. Once I disregarded the sellers and cranks, the number still crept over the 500 mark; another milestone in my blogging journey. Visitors came from 82 countries, though predominantly from the USA, which came first for views, and the UK, a close second. This is the best part of blogging, and one of the main reasons why I carry on. To think that my musings are read by strangers, in even stranger lands, gives me all the interest I need to justify the effort, and the hours spent at the keyboard.

I have been graced with meeting some very good new blogging friends, as well as keeping in touch with many valued and cherished old ones too. I have read some amazing articles, enjoyed writing of an incredibly high standard, and have gained great pleasure from viewing countless wonderful photographs. I have continued to enjoy following my favourites, and contributing occasionally to other websites, with guest articles. All in all 2014 has been a marvellous blogging year, and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

I wish you all, wherever you are, a happy and healthy new year. I send my best wishes to everyone from Beetley, and look forward to doing it all again, in 2015. Pete and Ollie. x

16 thoughts on “The Year of Blogging

  1. Every good wish to you, Julie and Ollie for a very happy new year in Beetley, and looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. With gratitude and admiration for your wisdom, support and fairness in the virtual world, Pippa xx


    1. Thanks for your kind words Pippa. I consider myself fortunate to have found your blog, and to have been allowed to bask in glow of the magnificent writing.
      I hope that 2015 brings you whatever you wish for. x


  2. Come to think of it, I received reviews for my three blogs but haven’t got one for my main blog, Dreams and Escapes yet. For the month of December 2014, i got the highest views, a total of 274 with 193 visitors yesterday, I mean before the year ended. Like you I am grateful to those who interact with us and read what we write. Love to read more of your thoughts. Keep blogging Pete 🙂


  3. Happy New Year to you as well and I must say I really do enjoy your blog and look forward to reading what comes out in 2015..
    Take care and happy blogging to ya…


  4. Pete, this day closes out my first full year as a beetleypete follower (it all began in November 2013). I congratulate you on a solid fan base, and am glad to be part of it. I also look forward to reading more posts in 2015. Happy New Year from Fabulous Las Vegas!


    1. Thanks David, my blogging world would be diminished, if you were not a part of it! Thanks for everything during 2014, and here’s to many more years to come. Best wishes to you both in Vegas. Pete.


  5. Funny that my most popular posts (views) were written in 2013 and not this year though they didn’t gain many comments. Thank you too for being my #2 most loyal commentator Pete – I don’t think you missed many of my posts the whole year and I thank you greatly for reading and commenting on them. You have a lovely varied blog and I am glad that you have no intention of giving it up – I look forward to your tales of the countryside and your opinion pieces and memoirs. See you in 2015 Pete xx


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