Significant Songs (54)

Fall At Your Feet

It is thirty years since the band Crowded House formed in Australia. They have had a string of world-wide hits over those years, including ‘Weather With You’, ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, ‘Better Be Home Soon’, and many more. The lead vocalist, New Zealander Neil Finn, has a melodic tone, well-suited to ballads and slow songs. I liked them well-enough, but didn’t get over-excited about the early single releases, so never purchased any of the albums.

In 1991, they released their third record, the album ‘Woodface’. This was to be their breakthrough record in the UK, and contained five tracks which were released as singles, to much acclaim. As well as the mournful ‘Four Seasons In One day’, there was the great song ‘It’s Only Natural.’ It also contained this song, about devotion, and unrequited love. The lyrics are worth reading on their own, and together with the music, make up one of the most complete yet unusual love songs ever written.

The band went through various incarnations, as bands tend to do. Neil Finn released solo records, and reunited with the others on occasion. They are probably still playing somewhere, in one form or another.


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