January Grey

Looking out of the window today, I was struck by the colour of the featureless sky. We have had a few days of biting cold, accompanied by sunshine and blue skies, so it was only to be expected that January would finally arrive wearing it’s real face. It seems that most of Norfolk, and the rest of Eastern England for all I know, is shrouded in something that resembles mist, but is not that at all.

When I look at paint charts, I am often amused by the names chosen by the companies to represent shades of colour. The paint in this office was called ‘Hessian’, but does not look like any Hessian material I have ever seen. Sometimes, they are fairly accurate. ‘Primrose’ for instance, is a light yellow in our kitchen that is just like the natural colour of that flower. Outside, the sky is somewhere between off-white, and a light grey. If it was a paint sold by Dulux, I am convinced that it should be called ‘January Grey’, then we would all know what to expect, when the tin was opened.

Some of you will be aware that I have recently published a series of posts relating the tale of my trip to Kenya, in 1983. It was a long but enjoyable process, involving many hours of typing, and a deep trawl of my memory. I am happy to report that it was very well-received, and attracted lots of views, as well as some nice comments. This makes it all feel worthwhile, even though I would have written it anyway. Looking at the figures today, I did notice something that, to me at least, seems unusual. There were six parts to that feature. Some were read more than others, and the two later entries more than the first two. This interests me a great deal, as it means that some readers have not bothered to either continue with the story, or to go back and read the beginning, after discovering the last part.
This is one aspect of blogging that always makes me wish that I knew who actually viewed each post. I could then ask them why they didn’t choose to read the whole thing. It is like reading the start of a book perhaps, deciding it’s not for you, and not completing it. Or reading the last chapter, to save wading through the rest. Sorry to waffle on, but I do find it intriguing.

As you can tell, if you are still reading this far down, this post isn’t about anything specific. I felt the need to mention the grey sky, and everything rambled on from there. We are taking down our sparse Christmas decorations later, making it the official end of the festive season. We have birthdays to look forward to though. Julie’s is next week, and I have already got her gifts, so feel well-organised. Mine is in March, and regular readers will know that I always anticipate it with excitement. In between the two, we have those grey days of January and February to endure. One thing about time flying as you get older, is that winter doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to.

In case anyone got missed out. I wish you a happy and healthy 2015. My best wishes to you all. Pete.


13 thoughts on “January Grey

  1. The weather here was a little cloudy. Gosh, it gets colder every morning. My old bones are protesting. I found the Hallmark channel on YouTube and all i did the whole morning was watch a movie. You haven’t been blogging about Ollie lately πŸ™‚


    1. Ollie is still much the same Arlene. He has some trouble with ear wax at the moment, but is still his old self. He hasn’t had many adventures lately, because most of his friends have been here and there during the festive season. I expect things will get back to normal soon.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Pete, the skies over Las Vegas are typically a brilliant blue, but clouds do visit the valley now and then (thereby creating beautiful sunsets), and brush fires and forest fires further west have been known to send their smoke in our direction. Temperatures are warming up here right now. Wednesday’s high will be 69 F / 25.5 Celsius.
    Time does move faster as you get older. Next October, I will be a 20-year resident of Las Vegas. It seems like yesterday that I popped over Railroad Pass and beheld the Las Vegas Valley for the first time. I chose to move here because it is a hub for adventure. Many of the most spectacular national parks are within a day’s drive of here, and there is much to explore just beyond the edge of town. I haven’t had quite as many adventures as I would have liked, but I’m not faring too poorly, either.
    As for blogs stats, I do look at them now and then. But as you know, my blog doesn’t have the personal touch that draws many visitors, so I”m content with whatever I get. Of course, I’m particularly happy that you visit it regularly!
    May blue skies come your way!


    1. That desert life does have a certain appeal David, and I can understand why you moved there. If this blog was called ‘Lasvegaspete’, I have no doubt that I would be regularly blogging about feeling too hot!
      Sun here this morning, low and very bright. Got the central heating on though!
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  3. I think there would be several shades of ‘January Grey’ Pete – for instance here in the west it has been very misty recently and a dull pewter grey, but today started bright then descended into a pearl grey! As for your travel series, I am guilty of starting but not finishing. Not that I don’t want to! I was saving them to read all at once, but then I have been distracted and not got back to the story. I will. Honest! So far you have just reached the city… (and I admit it is not one that I want to visit)


    1. It ended up bright by 3pm Jude. You can never tell…
      Don’t worry about the Kenya story. I know you have ‘done all that’ in SA.
      Give it a miss, if you feel so inclined. I won’t hold it against you!
      Regards as always, Pete. x


  4. Pete, when you look out your window when it’s grey outside, what is the first thing to come to mind?

    For me it’s as if I were given a blank slate to work with, as if a canvas placed in front of me, without any of the distractions. Before, my revelation the grey skies here covered with heavy fog a few weeks ago made me feel uneasy because winter was around the corner, with its bitter winds blowing from the northeast.

    I share the same thoughts on the blogs as you do. Wondering, why in a series of posts some are viewed and some are not. While, comments on a few and the others are left standing on the corner waiting for approval of sorts.. I think, perhaps it depends on the device we are viewing them from as readers. My stats do not match up with the other numbers. My daughter can view my blog from her phone and it will not show in my stats, I wonder if, Ipads are the same?

    I’ve made countless comments, on blogs since I’ve joined this community and sometimes they are lengthy, like this one. But, they disappear because of my old fingers hitting the wrong key or something. Plus, the internet drops out and all is lost. I agree it would be nice to know who is viewing the posts, but sometimes it’s just nice to know they were there for a moment spending time with the thoughts I’ve posted.. I do wish you the best and I can relate to this issue… I loved your idea for the grey paint color by the way…

    Take care and happy blogging to ya…
    P.S. I have to get back to reading about your travels as I too, began and then got busy accepting two awards given to me.. it was like Christmas all over again with a childlike happiness… πŸ™‚


    1. The rest of today gave us almost everything here. Torrential rain out walking with the dog at 2pm, followed by blue skies, a chilly wind, and an amazing brilliant sunset to end the day at 4pm, as we got home.

      It isn’t that I worry unduly about the blog stats, I just find myself fascinated by them. I would still post all this stuff, even if I got the dreaded 0-0!
      Thanks very much for all your input Laura. I am sure that your blog awards are very well-deserved. Pete.

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  5. I often start, then something comes up, then I start again and sometimes again and again, I occasionally start, to go back or to go forward and maybe back again. That’s almost 10 views already and I still haven’t finished reading it, and I may not of even started. Still as long as I read it all in the end then I’m happy. Which reminds me I still have several posts to catch up on, Cheers πŸ™‚


  6. Hello, it might be, that given access to this blog Dulux would create a grey called ‘Johnson’ . . what a great name for a paint.
    I’ll have to visit Norfolk again if only to experience the kind of weather up there. It is unknown down here in London where the leaves still adorn the gently swaying trees which are peppered with shadows cast by the pleasant sunshine into which I am soon stepping for a light salad lunch on the terrace accompanied by a cheeky Chablis.

    Re Kenya; the blogs came fast and if one cannot find time to read episodes immediately they can easily pile up and the latest becomes most obviously accessible . . that’s my explanation. As I often read backwards this is not a problem for me and it was fun starting with the machete as it cut straight to the chase!!

    Blog on Johnson x


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