A wet and windy walk

Most of the UK has been hit by strong winds recently. Parts of Scotland have been without power for days now, and there are coastal flood warnings in place. Here in Norfolk, we have had a constant flow of strong gusts of wind. Last night, it was so windy I could hardly sleep, and have felt dopey all day as a result. I suppose the wind seems worse because there is no other noise to hear. Living in London, everything else was as noisy, so the wind made little difference. Here in Beetley, it is so quiet after dark, that the sound of wind in the trees, blowing leaves, and buffeting against the house, seems really bad.

I decided to make my weekly shopping trip earlier today. The evening forecast was bad, so I resolved to get out and about before my habitual dog-walking time of 2pm. By the time I returned and unpacked the goods, Ollie was running late for his walk, and we didn’t get out until 2.30. It wasn’t especially cold, but when the wind gusted, that was cold, and I felt it on my face. It also carried small drops of ice-cold rain, which made the walking less than pleasurable. It appeared that the inclement weather had also kept in most of his regular gang members, as few other dogs were around. I picked up the pace to keep warm, and after a few circuits, I spotted two rabbits, brazenly feeding on the grass near to the picnic benches. I hissed the word to Ollie, ‘Bunnies!’ He took off like a dog possessed, as he saw the two ahead of him. One of the rabbits made a quick escape into a warren. The other paused, seemingly confused, before plunging under the dry branches. Ollie was close on his fluffy heels, even following into the undergrowth. But of course, he wasn’t going to catch his prey, as it scuttled down a convenient hole.

At least the exercise was good. Ollie emerged, frothy-mouthed with excitement. He looked at me as if I could magically make the rabbits reappear, and we carried on walking. We bumped into Poppy the Lakeland terrier, and her genial owner. He commented on the weather, in particular the abundance of leaves so late in the season. Ollie ran around with Poppy for a while, but she was more interested in her tennis ball, than being chased by an older male dog. It started to get darker, and the rain became more persistent. I decided to head for home early, after less than ninety minutes out. On the way back, we spotted Bella, the grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She can be unhappy with some other dogs at times, so is kept on her lead. She likes Ollie though, and rushed over to see him. I exchanged pleasantries with her owner, and headed off through the exit for home.

By the time it got dark, the wind had brought torrential rain to the party. The gutters soon gave up trying to cope, and the side entrance is awash. I have been out to the shed twice, to check if it is flooding, and I am worried that our tall metal chimney may not endure the gales.
I really hate winter.


13 thoughts on “A wet and windy walk

  1. On January 11th, the Las Vegas Valley had 0.46 inches (1.168 cm) of rain, which beat a January 11th record of 0.29 inches (0.736 cm) set in 1949. The high was only 52 F (11 C). But now it’s sunny and warmer, with highs above 60 F (15.5 C). I went for a walk today, and had to take off my jacket. I was working up too much of a sweat in my short sleeve shirt. Need I say more? You can slap me now.


  2. Windy here too, well it has been over the last three or four days, but it’s melting the snow with the warmer weather it’s bringing. Mind you I think twice maybe three times before I venture out to walk the dogs at the moment, although I never change my mind 🙂


    1. You can’t say ‘no’ when you have dogs Eddy, that’s for sure. I have no doubt the weather in Poland is ten times worse than here, as we haven’ had snow yet. Hope it isn’t making life too challenging for you.
      Cheers mate, Pete.


    1. Sun’s out today Jude. Very bright, almost uncomfortably so. But it’s only +5 degrees outside still. Given the weather in the West lately, I suppose this is as good as anywhere else. But unless you want the company, give the dog a miss. x

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  3. How different can one country be? Here in London it is dry and mild, well humid actually . . balmy would really sum it up . . anyway, can’t linger, I have to get back out in the garden to water the plants it’s like the Sahara out there!
    Love and best wishes, Ro xx


  4. I love Ollie, what a brave guy he is. He enjoys the cold despite the inclement weather. Keep safe Pete. There is a low pressure area in the Visayas where the Pope is scheduled to visit, the places affected by typhoon Yolanda last 2013. I am praying the weather gets better when he arrives.


  5. Pete, I can relate…even if we have different types of weather at the moment. We got dumped with 30 centimeters of snow yesterday and into the evening. Perhaps, this doesn’t sound like a lot to some folks, but when you begin to shovel the white stuff it multiplies as you push the shovel, and you’re left with 4 feet of snow in your driveway. This is the time you fire up the snow-blower and hope for the best.. not wanting to throw it so far it lands on your neighbors property, Which is difficult at most times..

    Hang in there friend, Spring shall eventually arrive.. just not soon enough for my liking..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya ~ from Laura


    1. I feel guilty, given your snow there. I hate snow too! Forget snow-men and sledging, I want to be able to drive, without being killed! If I never saw snow again, except in photos of other places, that would be OK with me.
      Happy shovelling, and best wishes. Pete.

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      1. No worries, Pete.. I’m beginning to dislike the snow too, and it’s not even the middle of Jan yet… oh my… thank you for your return comments…

        ~ Laura~


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