Weather worrywort

OK, I admit it. I write a lot about the weather; mostly critical, and generally complaining. Anyone who regularly reads my blog must think, “Here he goes again.” I have given various explanations about why weather concerns me so much. Everything from flooding sheds, leaking wood-burners, and having to always go out with Ollie, whatever is being thrown at us. If I were you, I would be getting pretty fed up of it by now. Mostly, it is because I consider, rightly or wrongly, to have been let down by the promise of a retirement in better weather than I could have expected in most other places in England. I had been hoping for the East to offer dry conditions, with little snow, and only occasional rain. Well, as you will have read, it didn’t work out quite as I had hoped.

However, I am going to eat at least some of my words, and offer this post by way of an apology to East Anglia. Watching the weather news on TV, I note that there are terrible conditions in Scotland. Roads impassable because of snow, accidents, and power cuts too. The West Country and the Midlands have not escaped bad conditions either, and some areas have had flooding, and damage from high winds and gales.
When Ollie and I almost ran home yesterday afternoon, to escape a painful hailstorm that battered Beetley Meadows, I felt sure that we were once again the victims of weather misinformation. The forecast had been for a bright and sunny afternoon, not for darkness at 3pm, and hail like tiny bullets.

Watching the news that evening, I soon saw that we had actually been fortunate. This part of the country had escaped the worst, and today it is once again sunny, though cold. I suspect that most people in this country would be happy to be spending time in Norfolk today, away from the deep snow, gale force winds, and torrential downpours that they have suffered for seven days. I have no doubt that there will be future posts about the weather, and what effect it is having on life chez beetleypete. But for now, it looks as if I have to reluctantly concede that things are not so bad here after all. Sorry readers, and apologies to Norfolk too.

Not quite as good as I had hoped though…


16 thoughts on “Weather worrywort

  1. Pete, you can well imagine the weather we’re having in Las Vegas right now. Monday (1/19/15), it will be sunny here with a high of 68 F (20 C). I only complain about Las Vegas weather on those insufferably hot midsummer days. I do enjoy reading your weather reports, but only because you write them with so much smile-inducing humor, not because I get some kind of perverse pleasure out of your cold, rainy, and windy spells of climatic misfortune.


    1. I try to get across a sense of irony, and some humour in these posts David. I have to, otherwise I would just sound like a terminal complainer. (I’m not- honest!) I don’t mind your smiles, whatever the reason.
      Regards from (a very bright and sunny) Norfolk. Pete.


  2. True Pete, apart from some flooding Staffordshire isn’t too badly hit. We have the Welsh mountains in the way and I guess you have almost everything else. Unless it comes from the east….


    1. Most of the problems we get here arrive from the North, as Norfolk sticks out ‘too far’ into the North Sea, so gets battered by anything discarded by Scandinavia. But as you rightly say Rich, we are spared most of the excesses of the western half of the UK.
      Cheers, Pete.


  3. I am not fed up yet… go ahead, update us on the Beetley weather 🙂 Kidding aside, we are praying for a good and sunny weather here because there is a typhoon coming in the part of the Visayas where the Pope is visiting. Our first storm disturbance in 2015. How I wish, it would enter PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility) but I think it is inevitable.


    1. Don’t worry too much Arlene. I am sure that a typhoon would never be allowed to disrupt a Pope! Fingers crossed that it gives you all a miss this time, and you are able to enjoy calm weather for the celebrations.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.


  4. “Oh, no, here he goes again!” made me giggle. How well you know your audience Pete. We LOVE your weather posts, or at least I do. Sitting here reading your posts is like sitting down with an old mate and setting the world to rights. You write from the heart and that’s what I like, the subject is not really important as we chat away over a cuppa.

    PS Snow hit us late yesterday evening and it is very cold today, but honestly, I can’t understand all the fuss. It is winter after all!! And I really cannot remember my school ever being closed because of snow and I lived in Yorkshire where we had loads of the stuff every winter – not a measly couple of inches. People are too mollycoddled these days.


    1. Very true Jude. Mind you, there is little gritting done here on the minor roads, and they can be treacherous when it has been snowing. I think that the teaching staff live further away than they did in our day too. Not forgetting the great God of Health and Safety. What if a child slipped over?
      It is a bit crazy though, and places a lot of strain on the parents too.

      I am glad you like my moany old weather posts though. That’s what makes us English!

      Regards as always, Pete. x

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  5. Already snowed twice in Athens and has been pretty cold lately. However, I saw an almond tree that was THAT close to flowering. We say in Greece that once almond trees have flowered, spring is near. I hope the almond tree thinks twice about flowering, because there could be late frost. Still, it’s nice to think that spring is almost round the corner. At least in Greece!


    1. Nice to think of almond trees in flower Nicholas. No snow as yet here, but the chance of some at the weekend. I count the time until my birthday in March, when I know that Spring will soon arrive not long after.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.

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  6. Pete, I believe if we are were completely honest about our own views of the weather ~ you would not be standing alone with your thoughts. I grab for the remote to watch the weather channel every morning, just after brewing a cuppa of coffee. I can’t face knowing what to expect, before my first sip of hot java.

    The Winter ~ how many layers must I wear, today?
    The Spring ~ Do I need the umbrella, today?
    The Summer ~ How many layers do I need to remove?
    The Fall ~ Where’s my magic wand to keep these comfortable temps?

    Then, there’s the times they get the weather all wrong!

    So, I truly get it from your side of the pond… We must become good Boy & Girl Scouts and always ~ Be Prepared for anything ~ ~

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura


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