Blogging anomalies

I had a little chuckle to myself this week. I will tell you why later.

I really do enjoy blogging, as you might be aware. I put a lot of time into it. Too much time, truth be told, as there are many things that I should be doing instead. But I get a great deal from it. A sharper mind, developing thought processes, and a head full of ideas, all vying to get out of my brain, and onto the electronic page. It keeps me up late, and whiles away many hours. They slip by like a chiffon scarf over soft shoulders, almost unnoticed.

I try to keep the subject matter varied, and as interesting as possible-at least to me. When I started this blog, my stories of the Ambulance Service were very popular. These were overtaken by tales of my wanderings with our dog Ollie, in the countryside around our home. Some of my categories have a dedicated following, but do not appeal generally. Films and Cinema, and Music, are popular with some, less so with the majority. Individual posts, about things like weddings, Twitter, bereavement, or something that happened in the world outside of the blog, are normally well-received, but only for as long as they are ‘newsworthy.’ They also tend to be shared on other social media platforms, so generate an unusual spike in views and comments.

Despite forays into fiction, occasional opinionated posts about other things, and still plugging away about past holidays, and countries I have visited, it remains a fact that the countryside tales are the most read, the most commented on, and by far the ‘bread and butter’ of this blog. That is fine with me, as it was the very reason I started it in the first place. It was intended to be an electronic diary of my new life in Norfolk, and as such, has served me well. Recently, a series of articles about buildings and structures that I have seen and admired, also generated a lot of interest. I suppose it was something different from my usual ramblings and musings, and gave people a glimpse of places that they might never see themselves.

Some posts take a lot of work. Research, finding good links, thinking about dates and times, editing and making sense of it all. I am not complaining, as I enjoy this process. I might spend as long as four or five hours researching and writing a post on say ‘Tourist London’, and get a lot of satisfaction from finally hitting the ‘Publish’ button. On the other hand, a shorter post about a walk in bad weather with Ollie might be written in under ten minutes, and achieve five times as many views, and lots more comments. My readers know what they like. So, I try to balance the worthy with the ordinary, the musical memories with travel recollections, and the moans and groans with the positives. It has worked fairly well so far, with a steady if unremarkable increase in both followers and daily views. I am more than happy.

Last Friday, I published a post about my new dressing gown, and called it ‘My New Fluffy Gown.’ It was a lighthearted post, and meant to be taken as such. Before I decided to publish the draft, I had a moment when I thought it was too silly, too lightweight by far. But I did it anyway. A week later, having published other posts about all sorts of things, I decided to review the stats for the week. You will have guessed by now, but the dressing gown post was the most popular, by a mile.

That’s what gave me a chuckle.

18 thoughts on “Blogging anomalies

  1. It’s funny that great things sometimes come out of us stepping out of our comfort zones. I’m glad you were brave enough to post it, and that things went well for you! πŸ™‚

    (I found you via the Speak Out Society’s Q&A this week. What you wrote was beautiful and I wanted to check out your blog as well.)

    Rock on!


  2. Yeay, i truly envy you for those times you really sit down and think of interesting posts that you can share with us, your blogging friends.

    Lately, I earned more followers starting late last year and followed what you said about checking each blog/writer who follows you. I wish that just like unfollowing posts, there is also an option that says, you can reject a follower because you don’t want the contents you see on her/his blog. It’s kind of alarming (at least to me) that a blogger posts pics with sexual undertones and it worries me that I am sharing practically my life here and I write wholesome contents and a freak out there reads everything.


    1. I can understand your concerns about followers from sites that you find offensive Arlene. I suppose it would be a good thing if wordpress allowed us to block them. At least we can reject their comments, if we choose to. If someone inappropriate follows my blog, I just ignore them. I cannot stop them reading what I publish, as that is the basis of free speech I suppose, and what blogging is all about.
      Best wishes as always. Pete.


  3. I seem to remember that one of your more popular posts in the past, or maybe it was searched for items, was an ambulance story based about auto erotic asphyxiation? Whilst an image of you in your dressing gown was amusing I hope that is as far as the revelations go πŸ™‚
    All the best Pete, hope all is well, The Winkos.


  4. Your posts are always interesting to me but “My New Fluffy Dressing Gown” was a bit out of character of former blog posts and, to me, delightfully, humorously appealing. I got to know a newly revealed side of a person / author which softened my perception of a person/author who I perceive as a very serious & conscientious person and writer.

    From the comments, I enjoyed learning how much we humans have in common despite our differences or how geographically distant and enjoy thinking of us all in daily comfort in various modes of comfortable attire around the globe. .

    I also learned the difference between a UK Dressing Gown and a US Housecoat.

    Again, good post and congrats on all the traffic!


    1. It is very interesting to read this comment Gretchen, as I don’t regard myself as serious at all. I am not even that conscientious, although I do try my best to reply to comments and keep up with blogs I follow.
      I was very pleased that you enjoyed the lighter side of my blog so much though!
      Regards as always, Pete.

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  5. Great post. I always wonder if anyone is reading my posts, regardless of what the stats say…and then I run into someone who will tell me about it…of course they don’t comment so who’s to know?


    1. John, I think that sometimes the most unusual posts get the unexpected readers. That’s why I don’t really have a ‘themed’ blog. In my experience, the most devoted readers will rarely comment. They tend to find it embarrassing. It is generally other bloggers who make the comments, as we all know what it means to get them!
      Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated. Pete.

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      1. Same with me…i post about food, travel, movies, music…whatever seems interesting to me…and it can be a lonely world online, until you get the unexpected “hey I saw your post…” comment which makes it a sunny day again!


  6. “My new fluffy gown” was totally unexpected. It was so off the beetleypete grid (off any blogger’s grid, for that matter), and yet so apparently pertinent to your lifestyle, that it managed, by way of informative wit and visual flair, to surprise, delight, and amuse your followers, some of whom also wear “dressing gowns” in and around the home.


    1. I was pleasantly surprised how popular it was David, no complaints there. I was also secretly pleased to be able to write something so light, that still managed to capture the imagination of my readers. I hope I get similar inspiration in the future!
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


  7. Haha…why am I not surprised! Light hearted goes down very well… I am impressed with you fact-finding, Pete. I guess I occasinally do such stuff, but for the most part my blog is about my photography at present, but wasn’t what was originally envisaged! But it keeps me sane, I think…. πŸ˜‰


      1. Hi Pete, I thought you had, recently and the same thing had happened to you as all too frequently happens to me….Wordpress unfollows me, somehow and I have to reFollow some blogs…..


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