Significant Songs (56)

At Last

Etta James was a singer who managed to cross all the usual boundaries of style and genre. Big ballads were here forte, but she was also accepted as a Blues Singer, Jazz singer, and as one of the greats of Soul Music. Like so many artists of her generation, she had a hard start in life. Born to a young single mother in Los Angeles, in 1938, she was passed around various foster parents, sometimes suffering beatings and abuse, and began to sing in her local church. After touring with singing groups and bands, she was signed by Chess Records, in 1960, and her fame began to spread. Her background continued to plague her though, and she spent many years addicted to heroin.

Many of the songs that she made famous were recorded and covered live by other singers, but none ever got close to the raw power of Etta’s performances. Even modern-day powerhouses, like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, were not able to top her performance of this song. Originally written for the 1941 film ‘Orchestra Wives’, Glen Miller had the first hit with ‘At Last’, but only as the ‘B’ side of another release. In 1960, Etta recorded this song, and it managed to cross the divide between Rhythm and Blues and Popular Music, and become a big hit in the mainstream music charts. Her version was so popular, and became so associated with her, that it is recognised as her ‘signature’ song.

Despite many other covers over the years, it is acknowledged that Etta James delivered the definitive version. She sadly died in 2012, but left behind a legacy of great songs and performances that will endure. For me, this love song was enhanced and made special by her voice, the feelings that you can hear in the vocal, and her effortless power.


16 thoughts on “Significant Songs (56)

  1. Didn’t know the artist, or the name of the song, but as soon as I hit play I knew it. Top tune as ever, I sang along looking longingly into Gosias eyes, she got up and started ironing!


  2. What a voice she had, one of my faves too.. Thanking you kindly for posting this today..

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


  3. Pete: Etta James is one of my favourite singers and this, one of my favourite songs. Effortless vocal strength and oozing with emotion, it is truly a musical work of art. Brian.


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